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Christening Etiquette - who pays? (with apologies to roisin!)

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Clayhead Thu 27-May-04 14:39:47

Just wondered what other people did with regards for paying for a Christening/Baptism/Welcome to the World Party or whatever.

me and dh have paid for both our children's post baptism parties but my friend seemed to find it odd when I mentioned it.

What did everybody else do?

popsycal Thu 27-May-04 14:40:42

who else would pay??

Tippytoes Thu 27-May-04 14:41:41

We paid for our ds Christening ourselves too. Not sure who else would pay for it?

SoupDragon Thu 27-May-04 15:38:07

I would expect to pay fot it ourselves if we ever get round to it.

Angeliz Thu 27-May-04 15:58:16

We paid, don't know who else would either!

littlemissbossy Thu 27-May-04 16:02:49

We also paid ... what's she on about???

Clayhead Thu 27-May-04 16:02:56

My friend's parents and parents-in-law had paid. I had never heard of that either so I thought I'd check on here!

serenequeen Thu 27-May-04 17:50:50

we paid for ds and intend to for no2 as well. just as well as no-one else would have forked out!

marialuisa Thu 27-May-04 17:55:22

we paid, but wasn't that much. Donation to church and our lovely priest came to the party, which was just a BBQ and drinks with cake TBH!

Cam Thu 27-May-04 21:06:54

It wouldn't occur to me that you wouldn't pay for your own child's christening - it's you who invite people after all! We paid for dd's.

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