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Family advice needed please!

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Anonymous21 Wed 20-Apr-16 23:49:50

Hi, I'm having a lot of problems with my dad. To give you some background, I'm almost 22, I live with my parents and work from home. I didn't exactly have a great relationship with my dad growing up. I left home for a year to stay with my grandparents due to problems, and since I've moved back I've had lots of problems. I've been managing to cope with them for about 3 years now but my dad is off work at the moment for atleast 3 months and I'm really struggling.

It may sound petty but he's basically spying on me. He constantly listens at my bedroom door when I'm on calls, whenever I go out he wants to know every detail (more than just a fatherly protective way), he barges in my room when I've said he can't come in, just to be nosey (I've asked for privacy on so many occasions due to my job but he doesn't respect that) he goes in my room when I'm not in and I know he goes through my work documents and letter etc as they're always in a mess when I get back. I know it all sounds like little things, but I'm nearly 22, I need my own space/privacy and my bedroom should be that. I've tried talking to him but it turns into arguments and he constantly calls me a liar and stupid. I'm desperately trying to get my own place but it's easier said than done.

Any advice please?

AnotherCiderPlease Fri 29-Apr-16 12:02:50

The only advice that i could give is to get out of there asap. Is there anyway you can go and live with your grandparents again? Or, as you are working, find a room to rent in another house? You don't mention your mother, could she help you find somewhere else to love or help you out financialy for a bit if you need it?

If you can't move, could you put a lock on the door or would that make matters worse?

Missgraeme Thu 04-Aug-16 09:42:25

Get a filing cabinet u can lock for your paperwork. And shove a set of drawers up against the door when u are in your room!! And save save save so u can get moved out ASAP!!

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