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anyone been banned from the 'the other side'

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saaaamantha Wed 20-Apr-16 22:13:06

So I have been a member on NMs and only
Go there and have debates sometimes. Anyway i don't think they like me over there because I speak my mind and have strong views. Anyway people literally all attack me on the threads coz of it so I always defend myself with the same sort of bad comments back. I won't stand there and take it. So I'm the one who gets the warnings and bans when I stick up for myself. Anyway someone made a sick comment directed at me so I reacted (naturally) and I've been banned permanently! How ridiculous!
So has anyone been banned! Has anyone actually had their account reinstated!
I think the mods build grudges on members and ban them for little things.

Sparklingbrook Wed 20-Apr-16 22:19:17

Why are you asking this on Mumsnet?

VertigoNun Wed 20-Apr-16 22:21:11

I have not looked on that site in years. If you want to post here, enjoy the debate.

Bambooshoots14 Wed 20-Apr-16 22:23:55

Why are you asking this on Mumsnet?


ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 20-Apr-16 22:27:23

No, not me. Strange post.

Bedsheets4knickers Wed 20-Apr-16 22:55:49

You sound aggressive to me

saaaamantha Wed 20-Apr-16 22:58:57

I was just asking that's all

saaaamantha Wed 20-Apr-16 22:59:12

And how do I sound aggressive ?

lorelei9here Wed 20-Apr-16 22:59:46

I thought you'd been banned from seances with that title grin

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