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Anyone live in Charvil????

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Slink Wed 26-May-04 18:57:03

I'm thinking of moving there and need to know about schools i have been intouch with Wokingham District who tell me there are no gurentees that my dd 3 will get into a school when she is 5 is that true? please help before i sign the papers thank you xxxx

Slink Wed 26-May-04 21:18:13

No one lives in Charvil at all or around there??? god then why are there so many houses there??

Tanzie Wed 26-May-04 22:55:45

Urgh! I grew up there! E-mail me via contact another talker - I have friends still in the area with kids

Tanzie Wed 26-May-04 22:56:58

I think Sonning is oversubscribed, have friends with kids at Polehampton who are not happy with it. Colleton has a good reputation.

Slink Thu 27-May-04 19:56:29

Thanks for the reply can't seem to email you it won't except my pass. Anyway house fell through they did not want to sell God what a waste of time. We are moving to reading though are you from there???

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