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couriers and parcels

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sualamar Fri 01-Apr-16 15:43:49

We keep getting delivery of a companys post that they have ordered from Amazon . We are the same postcode but obviously not the company. I have told the company director who does not seem bothered, said he wont put a sign up because he has expensive equipment. We have rang amazon who after approx three calls to them have said they cannot look at this mans account as its data protection. During xmas it was every day, this morning the courier got me out of the shower. I have registered this companys details on the royal mail postcode finder. I have done evrything I can. I am now going to keep the parcels that I get because I have had enough. Im not a warehouse for their employees amazon parcels. All it needs is a line in the address that says next to the pub, but I cannot get it put in and noone is taking us seriously.

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