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What is it like...

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Shalomebony Wed 30-Mar-16 19:47:11

What is it like...being a receptionist in a care home? Mainly 60+, dementia and palliative care.

It is not an environment I have worked in before but am an experienced receptionist and currently work in an educational setting.

Any input from you MNers would be gratefully appreciated. :-)

Shalomebony Wed 30-Mar-16 19:47:52

Sorry, I forgot to add it is a job vacancy I am considering applying for.

Shalomebony Fri 01-Apr-16 11:54:05

Thanks for your replies, everyone, much appreciated! grin grin

ijustwannadance Fri 01-Apr-16 11:59:42

grin I have no experience in this line of work but you would've been best posting in another category (employment?) for traffic or making thread title more specific.

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