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Pampers!! When is the best deal to grab pampers?

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Holly34 Wed 30-Mar-16 07:12:04

looking at different offers at different stores as a new mum I'm so confuse when is the right time to grab the deal on pampers so roughly has anyone worked out how much is it worth paying per nappy 10p for example?


RatOnnaStick Wed 30-Mar-16 07:20:13

Have you had your baby yet? Don't get fixated on one brand of nappy, they all fit differently. Pampers fit skinny ds2 far better than chunky ds1. We had lots of poo leaks. He was better suited to Tesco and Boots brand nappies.
With ds2 who did suit Pampers I used the Amazon subscribe and save to get a good price. It usually beat the supermarket offers.

MrsDeathOfRats Wed 30-Mar-16 07:28:53

Was also going to reccommended Amazon if your hell bent on pampers only.

With Dd I used huggies (don't make nappies anymore though!) as pampers just didn't work on her as a baby. Poo and wee leaks!!
Then switched to Tesco cheeky bots brand (also don't seem to make them anymore!!)
Did use pampers as she got older though only ever bought them on special and Asda did a absolutely massive pack that worked out cheapest.

With DS I used pampers from birth and ordered from Amazon. Until he was about 3-4 months old. Then I started using sainsburys own brand.
Way way cheaper £4 for a pack of 50+ nappies!!
Keep him just as clean and dry.

Don't get hung up on the brand. You might buy stacks of pampers and they might not work for you

Holly34 Wed 30-Mar-16 07:34:39

Thanks guys! I will try sainsburys and boots brand wink

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