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twiglett Tue 25-May-04 21:28:41

message withdrawn

mummysurfer Tue 25-May-04 21:30:02

why not?
is my 'not very intelligent' response

twiglett Tue 25-May-04 21:35:31

message withdrawn

mummysurfer Tue 25-May-04 21:37:16

or distraction
'look there's a sheep, what's that doing there?' said in the middle of town centre. then when they want to see it you say 'oh no, it must ahve just been a shadow'

AlanP Wed 26-May-04 13:26:59

I've always said we take 18 months to teach children to speak and the next 18 years to get them to shut up

CookieMonster Wed 26-May-04 13:40:01

twiglett I have total sympathy ... dd is very much in the 'why' phase at the moment and it drives me up the wall. I answer as patiently as I can for as long as I can and then it's 'because it is' or 'I don't know' or something equally pathetic. She only does it to me, never to dh

Chinchilla Wed 26-May-04 18:56:29

I'm in the same boat...Aaaaaaaargh

BadHair Wed 26-May-04 19:04:48

I get the dreaded "whyyyyyyy?"s too. As soon as he says it I've started telling him that "Y is a crooked letter and you can't straighten it". That gives him something to think about.
My great-grandma used that one on all of all her great-grandchildren, and we've still never worked out what she was on about.

Angeliz Wed 26-May-04 19:07:10

me too!!(in the same boat)

WHY WHY WHY WHY???????????

At one point today i had to leave the room before i screamed,(and she was being good, just wouldn't take a breath!!!!!!!)

Flip Wed 26-May-04 19:09:14

I get the why none stop and then lots of weird questions.... "Is Jesus higher than space? " "What's gravity? "

And many more like it. I just say - "That wasn't on the mummy test, maybe it was on the daddy one. Ask him. "

Ds1 still believes that you have to pass a test to be a mum or a dad. If only!!!

SoupDragon Wed 26-May-04 19:57:04

I think the weird questions are worse than "why?". I didn't think anything could be worse but I was wrong!

Janstar Wed 26-May-04 19:59:52

My ds's favourite at the moment is to say 'what?' after everything you say. So your repeat yourself again and again and again.

throckenholt Thu 27-May-04 08:13:02

my nearly 3 year old is on the what and where phase (hasn't got to why yet).

where's daddy gone ? (as he walks out of the room)
where's granny ?
where's granny's house ?
where's that car going ?
where's daddy gone ?
what's that boy doing ?
what's that man doing ?
what's that apple doing ?
what's that apple ?
where's daddy gone ?
what's that book ?
what's that, that, that

16 month old twins are at the uhhh stage - said repeatedly and loudly while pointing at something they can't reach.


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