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Swagger Inn Thread 127 - καλωσόρισμα να ο Καπηλειό καθένας

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FancyFancy Sun 27-Mar-16 17:03:59

Come (ylt & nlt) in all wenches who haven't left the country in search of ep 1 some sun. There is ouzo, retsina & metaxa lined up on the bar so help yourselves, but please don't smash the plates, or Captain Trev will have to discipline you.
<smashes plate>
<gives Trev a 'what are you going to do about it?' look>

Oh, and no spoilers please - we're British grin

Cinnamoncookie Sun 27-Mar-16 17:11:14

The opera I saw last night had 40 smashed plates. I feel this would make CaptTrev very horny angry, and I volunteer to work on his anger management issues

ApricotCrush Sun 27-Mar-16 17:19:27

Well done Fancy. Εβίβα. wine

Cinnamoncookie Sun 27-Mar-16 17:20:02

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone

Obs2016 Sun 27-Mar-16 17:34:27

Nice one Fancy.
Easter is a special celebration in Greece isn't it? That and watching premiere's first? Scoff's Easter chocolate eggs and ouzo.

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 17:37:12

Sorry, that's all Greek to me.

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 17:38:53

I think Greek Easter is usually a week later than ours. I went to crete once during their Easter and they had a big parade. Was good fun. Was 18 years ago come to think of it as my cousins were born while I was there.

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Sun 27-Mar-16 17:39:34


DartsTart Sun 27-Mar-16 17:45:15

Obs - divine pictures .......
Have consumed a bottle or two of red wine - am saving the ouzo for the 29th.... When I will hack into some internet site to get S3 - ep1.........

I once went to Crete and studied a lot wall paintings from the Minoan period of naked men having sex with women / men / dogs and Bulls - ...........

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 17:47:24


MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 17:47:47

Lovely pics Obs.

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 17:49:31

That sounds familiar, tart (not from actual experience, you understand....). Was that the place where the story of the Minotaur was set?

DartsTart Sun 27-Mar-16 17:59:43

Yes it was Morelike "Minotaurs" - very well hung ones if I recall ......

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 18:01:31


Badders123 Sun 27-Mar-16 18:30:15

Happy Easter one and all

MadamedeChevreuse Sun 27-Mar-16 19:52:07

grin at the Greek everybody. How are you typing that? You wenches, you are so multi-talented... grin

<offers round olives and taramasalata>

ApricotCrush Sun 27-Mar-16 20:59:31

Google translate, copy and paste Madame. tbugrin

<waits for everyone to start writing in Greek>

Off to watch ITNM.

FancyFancy Sun 27-Mar-16 21:01:50

We're so cultured aren't we with our art appreciation & multi-lingual comments? (cut & paste from Google translate madame, if you really want to know grin )

LetUsPrey Sun 27-Mar-16 21:06:03

Super new thread Fancy and some lovely pics already.

I'll pop one of my favourite pictures in and be back later

FancyFancy Sun 27-Mar-16 21:30:37

Swimmimg pool Hidders, time for some skinny dipping surely?

FancyFancy Sun 27-Mar-16 21:31:42

I like angry Hidders. I shouldn't really admit to that should I?

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Sun 27-Mar-16 21:34:29

Sounds fair enough Fancy

MLGs Sun 27-Mar-16 21:36:14

Need to watch itnm too.

Am watching princess bride with DD.

Never noticed before that Patagonia is mentioned.

AnotherTimeMaybe Sun 27-Mar-16 21:39:35

Haha I'm Greek OP and the title doesn't make much sense, but love your thread tbuwink

FancyFancy Sun 27-Mar-16 21:40:24

Gah am 5 minutes behind now.

Patagonia, Morelike? Do they say it in a sexy accent?

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