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Leybourne Chase Or King's Hill??

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ZainabR Thu 17-Mar-16 16:58:13

Hi Everyone,

I am in the very early stages of purchasing a property at the Leybourne Chase development. My concern is that I work in London and have no family or friends in Kent and I worry that the bus stop is too long a walk for my son who would need to (according to Google maps) walk 31mins to the nearest bus stop. I have since found another property in King's Hill which is swaying me as it is only a 5min walk to the bus stop. Any advice you are able to give will be greatly appreciated! :-)

I am also intrigued to hear advice on commuting into London's Cannon street as I would need to travel mon-fri for work.

Finally - does anyone know about the likelihood of getting into a boys grammar school from either development (kings hill or Leybourne) or even any other good local schools?

Many thanks in advance :-)

Louise87m Tue 22-Mar-16 13:05:59

Hi everyone! How are you getting on with being at Leybourne chase. We have just reserved and moving there from London. What plots are you all? Would love feedback from the people who have already moved in? Look forward to hearing from you X

ZainabR Wed 23-Mar-16 09:05:46

Hi Louise,

Where about in London are you from?

I actually ended up pulling out of the sale after viewing a property in Kings Hill. I heard so much about King's hill but didn't realize how truly amazing it was until I went there on the weekend.

Leybourne Chase was a beautiful development, no doubt about that, my concern was because of the long walk to the nearest bus stop that my son would have to encournter when going to school. Have you any children?

Louise87m Wed 23-Mar-16 09:25:43

I am from Chislehurst near Bromley. What property were you looking at at Leybourne chase? Have you found another property in Kings hill? I do yes, I have a little boy 20 months old and mainly moving for his benefit really. Xx

ZainabR Wed 23-Mar-16 09:44:15

Oh right ok.

I was looking at a resale 3-bed property on Hawley Drive. Yes - I found a property in Kings Hill that I have fallen for... now it's just a waiting game to see if my offer gets accepted!

I guess for you it's ok because in the years to come (I've been told about 5years) they will make the development more accessible making it easier for your son to get to secondary school, however my son is 9 and so going to secondary school in 2 years. The 31min walk just for him to get to the bus stop was something I struggled with even though I loved the development.

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