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Hunter wellie boot query

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W33XXX Wed 16-Mar-16 15:00:11

Hi I am looking at buying my toddler a new pair of wellie boots and have seen some nice red hunters with the reflective strips at the back. He previously had infant hunters which were easy to get on him and quite roomy, however he is now into a size 10/11 shoe (with a broad/chubby foot) though has only turned 3 this week (albeit a pretty tall/broad 3 year old), my question is does anyone have a large toddler and bought them child sized hunters? How were they for sizing in terms of the width of the foot, the length of the boot up the toddlers leg and ease of getting on and off toddler?

I hope that makes sense!


runnymummy2 Fri 08-Apr-16 13:55:53

Hi, my DD had some hunter wellies, but she found them uncomfortable and didn't keep her feet warm. They did fit quite well, but she does have narrow feet. She now wears Muck boots, which are fantastic and they have plenty of room for her, she can even wear thick socks with them. My DS (3) though has fat feet and lives in wellies, i bought him some from ebay, they are EVA lightweight ones with liners which you can remove.

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