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Did anyone watch the LAST episode of FRIENDS last night?

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gloworm Tue 25-May-04 07:20:30

Did you watch the last episode of friends last night? Sems strange that it won't just be on again next year! So what did you think of the big ending?

oh, I just realised...I watched it on network2 (irish station)...I don't suppose you get it on cable/satelite in UK, do you????
I better not give anything away just in case

will bump this thread on saturday

emmatmg Tue 25-May-04 07:29:39

I'll come and kill this one instead then;0

gloworm Tue 25-May-04 07:34:15

are we the only 2 up at this ungodly hour?

emmatmg Tue 25-May-04 07:35:51

looks like it doesn't it.

actually been up since 5:30 with an unruly 8 month old!!

gloworm Tue 25-May-04 07:40:06

i guess that makes my 6.30 look like a lie in...ds(age 2) is plonked in front of Noddy at the moment but will no doubt come looking for attention soon. DD(7mths) is rarely up befoe 8am (at least we've got one good sleeper!)

emmatmg Tue 25-May-04 07:46:48

DS1 also got up at 5:40 so will be knackered at school later. DS2 is still fast asleep.

Strange really as DS3(the baby) look so much like his biggest brother and he also wakes up too early like him too.

Not sure where DS2 gets it from.

Better go, still in PJ's and have to get ready for school(DS1), nursery(DS2) and mums and tots group(DS3). The latter being more for me that DS3......they make a lovely cuppa!

See you later

gloworm Tue 25-May-04 07:51:52

bye emmatmg..i'm off to tart day2 of potty training, do you want to swop days? that cuppa sounds lovely!

Piffleoffagus Tue 25-May-04 08:23:38

Am I the only person that thinks Friends is total shite? It hurts to watch it...

vict17 Tue 25-May-04 08:49:13

I've seen it Gloworm and I felt really sad I'm afraid I'm a sad addict and thought it ended really nicely....

gloworm Tue 25-May-04 14:45:45

was a nice ending, vict17, but don't you just want to know what happens next???

Chuffed Tue 25-May-04 14:48:38

I have to admit that I was in tears because it is over. It is the only program I have watched every episode and I have grown up with similar things happening, starting off single, working, disaster relationships, now married, with new baby - super happy...just don't want it to finish. I am still in mourning. (not so chuffed)

eefs Tue 25-May-04 15:04:15

I didn't think much of it last night to be honest. everything ended that bit too easily and the magic of the Ross and Rachel romance went about 5 years ago for me.
I did like the way they kept the adoption story lighthearted - erica didn't seem to have any second thoughts at all (she was amazingly happy about the whole thing).
It was a great series though, I can track my life through it (I started uni when the first series was out I think).
Poor Matt le Blanc, I think the expectations of his new series will be too high. I hope it does well, he was one of my favourite friends. Best of luck to Courtney Cox with her new baby. When is she due?

monkey Tue 25-May-04 15:35:48

does anyone know when it's on in uk/on sky? thanks

happy1 Tue 25-May-04 15:37:32

It's on Friday, 9pm channel 4. 10pm E4

misdee Tue 25-May-04 20:56:28

seen it a few weeks ago. wont say how tho lol. thought it was predictable but good.

arent they doing one more episode, set forward about 10yrs or something? just to see how things are?

not too sure about the spin off show 'joey' but then friaser was very popular and that was a spin off of cheers.

Bettybloo Tue 25-May-04 21:06:27

I thought it was a terrible ending - unfunny and totally predictable, shame after such consistantly good quality all through the run. Maybe it was just the hype put me in the wrong frame of mind. The final Frasier was good though, except for all Daphne's irritating family whose accents cover the entire british isles.
I've seen a couple of trailers for the Joey spin off, not looking too great either bummer because he's my favourite character.

skerriesmum Tue 25-May-04 21:54:02

Adoption a bit too lighthearted if you ask me! I won't say anymore for those who haven't seen it yet

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