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best areas to live in Sheffield (sorry, I know it's getting boring!)

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SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 14:50:14

by best I mean friendly and not outrageously expensive, with local schools not awful (though a bit below average is fine). pref near somewhere where we might rent an office.

SherlockLGJ Mon 01-Jan-07 14:54:34

You need Hulababy, she lives in Sheffield. Keep an eye out for her.

SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 15:31:04

I haven't seen hula for a while - is she on holiday?

anyway a quick rightmove search suggests these places: handsworth, new whittington, catcliffe. does anyone know those places?

also do I win a prize for starting the most area/property related threads?

Sobernow Mon 01-Jan-07 15:41:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VickyA Mon 01-Jan-07 15:42:50

Ooh, that's a complex question... We live in North Sheffield, which is sort of mid-range, but it's the only area I know, although I don't think Handsworth is partic. nice...
You might want to post your question on Sheffield Forum or at least check out their archives, as it's the sort of question which gets raised quite often.
Sorry I can't be of more definite help, but do check out the forum.

MerryChristmasPANDAGHappyNewYe Mon 01-Jan-07 15:58:16

I live in Sheffield. Can you give me an idea of budget, and I may be able to help! Crookes is a lovely area to live, very friendly, and schools are good. However a 3 bed terrace is upwards of £150K

Smurfgirl Mon 01-Jan-07 16:00:41

My boyfriend is from north sheffield I think its a village called oughtibridge the area seems nice and the schools as good I think, its v.near the countryside as well which is lovely.

katzg Mon 01-Jan-07 16:28:31

i live in Sheffield and am very good friends with Hulababy!

We live in Crookes too - love it very friendly, good schools, although check catchment areas on the sheffield council website, for secondary. Can advise on the better ones!

SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 16:53:43

I like the idea of being in "aspirational sheffield"! think we'd be happier in a village really, but need to be easily bussable from sheffield, or poss rotherham - I didn't realise it was so close. budget hopefully around 160k for 4 beds (well, 3 beds will do, but we're used to living in a big house). Budget a bit erm, aspirational actually since we run our own business but around that.

SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 17:12:08

ouch - just searched S10 postcode (which seems to be broomhill area/crookes). aspirational sheffield it is then.

peachygirl Mon 01-Jan-07 17:15:27

Walkley was good as a cheaper alternative to Crookes (It's just down the road) and some parts of Hillborough are also nice. We lived in sheff for about 6 years.
I would agree with Broomhall/ Crosspool Eccelshall areas

SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 19:18:41

lol at the sheffield forum btw. people are quite competetive about their areas aren't they (which in itself is hugely reassuring).

VickyA Mon 01-Jan-07 19:55:43

Yes, deeply competitive!
One thought though - if you're relocating a business, I've heard that Rotherham Chamber of Commerce are more supportive by way of finding office space and general business support etc than Sheffield Chamber. Might be something to consider, although I don't know anything about living in Rotherham.

SenoraPartridge Mon 01-Jan-07 21:24:15

ne derbyshire seem helpful too (and coucil tax is cheaper). it's all so difficult!

fizzbuzz Mon 01-Jan-07 22:01:32

I live in Sheffield also in Crookes AND teach at local secondary school.

S10 S11 have best schools, but houses are expensive as are rents for offices.

Hope Valley in Peak District has lots of nice villages but again v expensive housing.

Best place I would recommend from reading your post is the area of Bradfield/Storr/Dungworth (Yes it is a real name), all these places feed into v ggood secondary school called Bradfield. It is really lovely country round there.

Cannot believe all these people must live down my road......

fizzbuzz Mon 01-Jan-07 22:05:52

Also S10 and S11, is meant to be second richest area ouside London...not that I have any money.....
Those are the areas of Crookes, Crosspool, Broomhill(loveliest suburb in Britain according to Sir John Betchamin(sp???) but full of students), Ranmoor, Crosspool, Fulwood.

Also Sheffield has a unique "bidding method" of house buying, which means houses are often advertised below market value, as bidders will push price up.

katzg Tue 02-Jan-07 09:09:54

Fizzbuzz - hello - fellow crookesite here, how many children/age/sex do you have then? i wonder if i know you? there are about 3 other mumsnetters that i know who live in Crookes!!!

Walkley is still cheaper than Crookes but that is because it feeds Myers Groves Secondary school which doesn't have a very good rep. One thing to watch with Walkley though is that they have recently redone all the school catchment areas and parts of walkely that used to feed King Edwards School (Good) now feed Myers Grove (Bad).

katzg Tue 02-Jan-07 09:10:36

Antoher area you might like to consider is Rivelin.

NbgSparklyYellowFeathers Tue 02-Jan-07 09:23:54

Ooooo SP, you dont want Sheffield. You need to be in good ole Barnsley, just down the road

katzg Tue 02-Jan-07 09:26:02

Oh thinking about it somewhere you might like to consider also is Dronfield, nice area, in between Sheffield and Chesterfield but nearer to Chesterfield.

fizzbuzz Tue 02-Jan-07 10:08:49

Hi Katzg have 2 dc's ond ds age 13, and one dd age 6 months (biiiig gap -second relationship) also have 2 dss.

Teach at local secondary which is not King Teds ( should be easy to work out...)

One place which no one has come up with is Dore. Very rural type village cute and pretty, very easy access to country, and train and bus direct into city centre. Schools OK, but house prices pretty highish I think. It's S17 if you want to look at houses on web.

katzg Tue 02-Jan-07 10:34:11

Fizzbuzz - don't think i know you, my DH is a teacher but he's at the new 6th form college out near the Northern General. Oh we'll have to have a Crookes mum meet-up. or maybe S10 then Hulababy can come too!

Dore is lovely but blooming expensive. Thinking hat on agian one area which randomly seems to be reasonably priced given that it has one of the best primary school in it is Nethergreen, S11 i think

thethirdwisewoman Tue 02-Jan-07 14:53:02

my sil used to live in Ranmoor a few years ago, it was v.nice. There were some fab restaurants there, if I remember rightly I was usually drunk when I was there tbh

fizzbuzz Tue 02-Jan-07 15:03:47

Yeah Nether Green and Hangingwater are lovely, on the edge of the country and really fantastic parks which stretch for miles and sort of turn ino the countryside. Catcliffe is not nice IMO.

Katzg who are the other ones who live in S10?
Wonder if I've ever taught any of their kids?
Grew up in S10, lived an M/C 11 years and then came back.

SenoraPartridge Tue 02-Jan-07 17:07:12

ooh great - lots of places to look into. we did see a really good office in dronfield actually and I think I would rather be in derbyshire than yorkshire: not for any rational reason, just that I have family ties to e midlands and not to yorkshire (although Lincolnshire might as well be in another world if I'm honest).

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