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Is it just me?

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WatchingAndLearning Fri 26-Feb-16 15:27:27


I feel a bit embarrassed to confess, but I watch a lot of YouTube beauty videos and really enjoy to read fashion/beauty blogs. blush I follow beauty/fashion instagramers and even have a snapchat account so I can also follow some of my favourite ones there too and get to sneak on the bits of their day that they want to share with the world. blush blush

Before you even wonder, I do have a life!grin I'm a mum of 2 little ones and on my late 30s. I have the house, the kids, husband, house work, food, cooking, cleaning, etc to worry and take care day in day out. So please don't mistake me for someone that do nothing at all grin All the things I mentioned above I do on my little spare time (lunch hours and before go to bed)

My point is: I have an office job (9-5 one), and while I seat on my desk everyday to do the same thing over and over again, I can't help to think how lovely it should be to be able work and earn well (gosh! bloggers and youtubers earn soooo much money!) only by making blog posts and videos about all the girly things we women like so much.

I sometimes even think about creating a blog myself blush and try that world in paralell to my "real" life just to see how it goes...but I feel ashamed of doing it blush Maybe because the segment is dominated by young girls and I feel it's kinda ridiculous that I even think of going down that road on my age range...blush

I just wanted to put that out and would like to know if anyone over there ever thought / felt the same? Or is just me? blush

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