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Advice - Argos - Baby Furniture - not as described

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lizhawthorn1976 Sun 21-Feb-16 08:29:19

Hi. I would like some advice please, what can I do?

About a year ago I purchased the Curve Nursery Furniture set from Argos for a lot of money. It was fine an never had any problems until recently when we turned it into a toddler bed. The bed is full of holes where the screws were for the original cot design, if you look at Argos' image (attached) the item is portrayed with no holes at all - obviously a photo shopped image). Also the under bed storage drawer no longer fits under the bed, meaning I have lost a large storage area and have a huge drawer I now have to find somewhere to store. I have contacted Argos, who say that due to the length of the time I have had the product they are not willing to do anything. But, to be fair it wasn't a problem till I turned it into a toddler bed, How many other parents checked out the toddler bed upon purchase, I can't imagine anyone, but I may be wrong. What can I do to get Argos to sort my problem out. Any ideas? I'm very disappointed with the bed, it now looks cheap with holes.

phequer Sun 21-Feb-16 08:38:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Quickchangeup Sun 21-Feb-16 08:42:33

When we converted our cotbed there were holes, it is inevitable really OP. It's been the same in any I've seen, basically it's part of the design. I'm sure the reason that covers aren't provided for the holes is because they would definitely be a choking hazard.
I looked the furniture set up and the storage drawer is clearly called an "under cot storage drawer" so it implies it's used in cot mode. I really don't know what to suggest as to how you get Argos to sort it out, I'm not sure they can. It seems your issues are inherently design led. Are the holes on both ends? I'm sure on ours it was just the head end which was placed against the wall so not hugely visible.

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Feb-16 08:52:19

Which one is it? There are 113 on argos's website.

Quickchangeup Sun 21-Feb-16 08:54:42

Argos Curve savoy

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Feb-16 09:22:10

Thanks QuickChange.

Some of the other cot beds show the drawer in place underneath when it's a bed but yours doesn't. It only shows it when it's in the cot mode.

There are two holes in the photo when it's a junior bed but it does look like they have either photoshopped the other ones.

Quickchangeup Sun 21-Feb-16 09:42:38

I think it only shows 2 holes because we are seeing it from the opposing side. If we were looking at it from the same angle there may only be those 2 holes visible.

lizhawthorn1976 Sun 21-Feb-16 18:17:19

Hi it would seem that my previous post wasn't very clear. Please see attached the following:

Photos of my toddler bed, stock photos and instructions

link to the furniture:

my email to Argos:

I purchased this nursery furniture from you and I am very disappointed with the misrepresentation of the item. I have recently turned the cot bed into a junior bed and the holes that are left on display are unacceptable - especially given that your advert photos show no holes what so ever, the bed would never have been able to have been made as per your photo as there are clearly no fixings. These have clearly been photoshopped and are a clear misrepresentation of your product. I would never have even considered buying this product with how it looks now, also to my amazement when turned into a junior bed the under storage drawer no longer fits, there is no mention of this anywhere on the advert either. can you refund as soon as possible so I can purchase a furniture without holes in and the storage I require. Below is another comment from a customer with the same complaint from your own reviews

7 April 2015

Isn't as pictures!

When we eventually received the set it was not as the pictures. Beware the cot ends are full of holes for adjusting cot heights, which spoil the look and is the reason we purchased the set as we wanted no holes on show. The under cot draw once pushed under is hard to get out due to the handle being poorly positioned. The drawer unit and wardrobes are average quality and the baby changing top is smaller than the changing mattress! Spend more and get a better quality set!



Norwich, Norwich, Norfolk, UK


35 to 44



Please find attached photos of the junior bed and your advert photos.

Please contact me with a resolution to this issue asap.

Argos Response:

Subject: 207513933

Thank you for your email regarding your furniture.

I am sorry to hear of your problems.

Due to the length of time you have had the furniture, I am afraid we are unable to help you.

if you would like to follow this up you can write into

Argos Direct
Acton Gate
ST18 9AR.

I am so sorry I couldn't be more help.

Please visit us at where you will find answers to many frequently asked questions, product information and all of our full contact details.


Melanie Booker
Argos E-Commerce Customer Service Team

lizhawthorn1976 Sun 21-Feb-16 18:19:18

More photos

phequer Sun 21-Feb-16 18:28:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Feb-16 19:06:47

The drawer is described as an 'under cot storage'.

Like Quick says if you take a photo from the other end, from the same position as Argos, can you see the holes in the legs?

lizhawthorn1976 Sun 21-Feb-16 19:15:09

The holes are the same both ends and all the way through, not like their photo. Each corner has four holes all the way through the wood.

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Feb-16 19:24:20

I think you are right then. They have misrepresented it. I would write again to the address they told you to write to. Take a photo from the same angle as they have. Talk about how this has only come to light now as due to the transformative nature of the product, you didn't know about the issue until now. I wouldn't talk about the storage drawer as it weakens your argument.

Having said that, the holes wouldn't bother me.

lizhawthorn1976 Tue 01-Mar-16 11:27:21

Thank you for everyone's responses. I would just like to give you all a quick update - I've spoken to someone in the Directors office at Argos, Argos are refunding my money and allowing me to keep the product. Thank you Argos

SavoyCabbage Tue 01-Mar-16 11:36:44

That's great! Well done.

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