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Computer problem - a new one! Problem, I mean.

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Tinker Sun 23-May-04 12:01:18

Every now and then, the page becomes huge. I can't fit most of the Active Conversations on the screen for example. The box where you log in your password is the width of the entire screen This is my mum's pc, using Windows 98. It's happened before and I changed it back buy it's happened again and I can't remember what I did. Complete PITA. Anyone help?

tamum Sun 23-May-04 12:15:28

Don't know about the every now and then bit, but I would have tried My Computer -> Display -> Settings and then move the sliding arrow on screen resolution until you get what suits you best. Some of ds's CD-Roms change the display settings, I don't know if it could be this? (well, not my ds obviously )

popsycal Sun 23-May-04 13:20:32

press f11
does that help?

Tinker Sun 23-May-04 15:29:08

Oh, thank you! Did F11 first which gave me a bit of fright when it started doing something. Tampered with the settings (which have messed about with before) and that seems to have worked. Cheers

Tinker Sat 29-Jan-05 23:00:38

Reviving this thread because same thing has happened but now pressing F11 won't work!

2 problems. My motehr has had installed a superduper keyboards which means (or seems to
mean)F11 is now a Forward key. (My mother has had this computer for 4 years and never actually used it. Just buys more gadgets in the hope that this means it will eventually turn itself on etc)

Anyway, individual windows are MASSIVE meaning I can't actually see teh bottom bit. Know to get into Settings but can't see whole window to follow all instructions/press correct key!

Need to solve window size in order to fix 2nd problem - computer only using rubbishy colour definition. Aaaarrrgh!

Thank you

starlover Sun 30-Jan-05 09:20:45

I don't have the faintest idea... but have you tried pressing something else along with F11 if it has 2 functions?
try ctrl+f11 or alt+f11 and see if that works???

Tinker Sun 30-Jan-05 22:14:41

Hi starlover - tried that but think pc is knackered. Oh well, back on mine now

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