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Why you should never post your picture on the net

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twiglett Sat 22-May-04 17:32:01

message withdrawn

suzywong Sat 22-May-04 17:34:16

Tena Lady!!!!
That really cheered me up, thanks Twiglett. How's your lovely baby?

papillon Sat 22-May-04 17:37:27

he looks fab as that blue cat thing with the bell

strange site - (we make our own juices!) the home url doesnt have any links!

hmb Sat 22-May-04 17:39:13


papillon Sat 22-May-04 17:40:26

this is a dodgy site

I liek milk?

oh dearie me

Janh Sat 22-May-04 17:56:31

I don't think Johnnie Sweet knows what "semi" means.

Very dodgy site! I love "why" though!

jampot Sat 22-May-04 18:06:14


Beccarollover Mon 24-May-04 09:31:21

hahaha that site is classic when you explore the other links "semi naked" rofl

smellymelly Mon 24-May-04 09:54:41


Frenchgirl Mon 24-May-04 09:56:40


bunnyrabbit Mon 24-May-04 11:38:16

Very dodgy......

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