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What Part Of England Should I Live In?

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MamaBear98 Wed 03-Feb-16 14:59:29

Hi there,

I currently live in the Republic Of Ireland but my dream is to live in England, preferably as soon I finish school in 2 1/2 years, but if not once I've graduated from college (at the moment the college fees in England are too expensive for me and my parents don't want me getting a loan so going to college in England seems very unlikely).

However, I can't decide exactly what part I want to live in. My preference would be the north or midlands of England, and I don't want to live anywhere near the seaside, anywhere too rural or in a big city-ideally somewhere mid-sized.

At the moment, I am hoping to do either primary teaching, secondary teaching (most likely biology and chemistry), children's nursing or something involving science, so would want a region that has good job prospects in these sectors that also have fair working conditions.

I would like to have a husband and kids at some stage so would want somewhere with good schools and family-friendly surroundings.

So if any of you Mumsnetters out there could offer me some advice I would be extremely grateful as I want to plan my future as much as I can before I would be making college/ work choices which would have a strong influence on where I want to live in future.

Thanks in advance! smile

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section-feel free to move it or tell me how to move it if it's in wrong place! blush)

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