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Tax Credits Suspended - HELP!!

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KeelyT Thu 28-Jan-16 09:55:24

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I received a letter dated 20/01/16 advising that my tax credits are being suspended. No reason was given for this.... Just that I was to call before 19th February so they could complete their checks.
My TC were due to be paid in today, as were my nursery fees due to be paid out.
There is a number on the letter 03000541048 for the compliance officer, however, either the line goes dead or it rings 3 times and disconnects.
I called the normal helpline number and was advised by 2 different people that they could not help me and I was to keep trying the compliance office number.

I have no idea as to why these payments have stopped and a days notice is ridiculous.
I rely on my tax credits so much with being a single parent and now I fear that as I cannot pay my nursery fees, I will lose my 21 month old sons place in the nursery.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas as to why they could have stopped?

Thanks sad

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