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Christening Outfits

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leander Wed 08-May-02 23:42:44

My son is getting christened later on in summer,he will be 6 months.Does anyone have any ideas what to dress him in? I don't really want to dress him in satin/lace/frills,I think he's a bit big for all that.Any suggestions will be a great help.

Joe1 Thu 09-May-02 08:54:24

I got a lovely silver grey linen suit with doves (only a couple) embroidered on it from Verbeaudet with little white leather boots.

leander Thu 09-May-02 10:37:17

Thanks Joe1,is that mail order?

Joe1 Thu 09-May-02 13:20:21

Yep they do mail order or you can give them a ring for a catalogue.

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