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Downloading Music from the Internet

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crystaltips Thu 20-May-04 20:07:02

I am wanting to create a CD for my Dad ( he'll be 70 soon ) and I want to create a CD of the songs he listened to as a "teeny=bopper" !!

a ) WHate are the good websites to access
b ) How the hell do I do it !!

Thanks a lot

hercules Thu 20-May-04 20:12:29

Isnt it illegal?

crystaltips Thu 20-May-04 20:17:12

no idea !

hercules Thu 20-May-04 20:18:07

I could be wrong but I think it is.

papillon Thu 20-May-04 20:21:52

It is illegal but you would have to a fairly heavy downloader to be attract attention.

Kazaa - free downloads
napster - pay but cheap downloads

crystaltips Thu 20-May-04 20:22:56

have you used any of these ?
And are they easy to use ?

Bit worried that I'll be carted off by the music police

hercules Thu 20-May-04 20:24:12

It is actually stealing even if you do get away with it. Dont mean to come over all arsey but it is illegal for a reason.

lou33 Thu 20-May-04 20:26:31

Depends on what sites you use. Certain sites illegaly share files, but there are fee paying ones. You can pay to dl from here , and here I believe. Napster used to be illegal, but was shut down and reopened as a legal site.

hercules Thu 20-May-04 20:27:20

Take back what I said.

hercules Thu 20-May-04 20:28:56


lou33 Thu 20-May-04 20:30:55

The thing about illegally downloading is it breaches copyright on the tunes. Every time a song is played or bought, a fee has to be paid to prs/mcps which is them distributed to those who have a percentage in the song (producers/writers etc). It used to be allowed that you could buy a copy of an album or a track, and then make one copy for your own personal use, but am not too up to date as to whether that is still the case or not.

I guess it is up to you if you want to risk it or not. There are a fair few legal sites about if not.

lou33 Thu 20-May-04 20:31:47

There are plenty of illegal sites though Hercs, so you are right as well!

papillon Thu 20-May-04 20:32:41

I used to be right into Napster back in the day when it was free.

There are artists who are into promoting their tunes via a free download medium. Still 99cents to download a track is pretty reasonable crystaltips and it is for your dads 70th!!

crystaltips Thu 20-May-04 20:44:37

it's the coke one or napster for me .... wish me luck .... I'll probably choose all the ones he hated !

Thanks guys !

crystaltips Fri 21-May-04 22:36:12

oooh - Thank you ... I have got a wonderful playlist ... loads of songs my Dad sang to me when I was tiny

And it's ALL bought and paid for ... !

Only trouble is ... I am putting it all an a RW ( re-writable ) Disk ... and I cannot play it in the car ( which is where I am sure Dad will use it ..... Any Help ??

papillon Sat 22-May-04 09:32:18

will it play in his car? some cd players might accept it.

perhaps you could try another disk that is not re-writable?

SoupDragon Sat 22-May-04 10:08:44

Our car CD player plays CDRs

lou33 Sat 22-May-04 12:42:31

Dh says:

Can the car in question play mp3 files (data files)? Most car stereos will only play audio cd files. If not it won't play from RW or R. They may well be have to be burnt as audio files.

He says if you tell him the model of the cd he will try and answer more.

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