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family court orders any advice please

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Lucyloo1489 Wed 13-Jan-16 21:23:43

I currently have a contact order with child's dad I also have a prohibited steps order just standard child lives with me but farther cannot take without permission .
On contact order child should be returned at a specific time each time but is constantly breached with time of return child is only 6 and times being brought home are sometimes 2 hours over pretty much each time contact happens. This effects child as very tired on days he has to go to school after contact tried to communicate but nothing seems to work I'm just ignored just wanted some advise as thinking to apply for enforcement order just wondered if any one else has experienced this . Contact order only comes with a warning notice no power of arrest . 

lindsey09081984 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:42:34

take 2 friends with you to the pick up point, film your friends , state their names, state the date and time and film where you are stood to prove you are at pick up point on time, then put the video footage on a little usb stick you can buy one of these from asda on the cheap. then get your friends to write you a statement each to say they were there with you at... date at .... time. also when sending emails make sure when sending a social worker an email tag your soclitor in same email or mum/dad as proof that you sent it so they cant say they havent received it or try and say you didnt send it to them. also speak to the childs school, head master/ principle explain what is going on, get them to make a record of the child saying anything out of the ordinary about contact sessions. even speak to your gp and get your gp to speak to the child 1 on 1 if old enough or get them to go in with a member of your family (not you) so social workers cant say you are trying to co-herse the child into blackening the fathers name. whatever the child has to say negative or positive has to come from them, if a social worker thinks you are getting the child to say negative things about the dad then they will try and come down on you like a ton of bricks. if the child is genuine and has bad things to say the child will just come out and say it, that way gp/schools will see for themselves if the child says anything negative about what is happening. the more proof you have in your favour the better. do not slag the childs dad off across social media delete anything negative you may have said online about him, it wont go in your favour. screen shot/print screen anything bad he has said about you online. keep everything as evidence. will help where i can, it will be a long process, i only finished in court yesterday after 2.5 years court battle, there will be times you will feel defeated, you have to remain strong for your child!.

Lucyloo1489 Thu 14-Jan-16 14:14:26

Thank you for advice some times I feel I'm being petty,but it's just not on and knowing its intentional is very annoying 😒 When was in court I was so glad it was over but now this is happening so annoying I've got some evidence pictures and times and child does say he doesn't want to go. It's just the going back and hoping courts will be able to understand we're in coming from as will be representing myself if do return . So any one that has been involved with a enforcement order I'd appreciate the advice .

lindsey09081984 Thu 14-Jan-16 14:21:03

You are entitled to a mckenzie friend in court, they cannot speak for you but they can advise you what to do.
The parents Voice helped me, you can ring them they will tell you what applications you need to fill out and what to say in court, dont lose your rag, keep calm. if you start shouting and screaming it will go against you. if you provide a strong case you will get heard, you need alot of statements from friends/family/schools to prove your child is doing well at school, proof from other parents that your child socialises well with other children, statements from family to prove you have a stable and loving home for your child. if you go in head first and they think your trying to stop access from happening they will come down on you like a ton of bricks, make sure you always have proof, take friends with you for pick ups, film wher you are to prove you are there on time, and that he hasnt dropped off on time. have it logged make sure you have witness statements for it all. if its just your word against his they wont listen.

Lucyloo1489 Thu 14-Jan-16 14:27:41

Thank u so much will get on the case and didn't no about parents voice thanks again 🙂

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