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MrsNuthouse Wed 06-Jan-16 12:03:59

What are your thoughts on this?
Are they there to spy or do they actually care for the mum's wellbeing as well?
I always feel a bit uncomfortable after their visit, I start to analyse everything; what I said, how I behaved, how my kids behaved etc. I worry if I said something I shouldn't have; if what I said could be misinterpreted to something else. Am I just overthinking this??

TheWordOfBagheera Wed 06-Jan-16 18:33:36

I think ultimately they are there to protect children and ensure and safe and nurturing envieonement for them - I suppose a big part of this can include caring for the mum's wellbeing.

I can understand the 'spied on' feeling but think it entirely depends on the perspective you come at it from. I remember intially feeling defensive and judged when the HV probed me after a trip to A&E with DS. But I thought about it a bit more and decided the checking up wasn't actually about pointing any fingers at me (in fact it wasn't about me at all), just checking that DS was ok. And I'm glad to live somewhere where there is a safety net of people that care whether my DS is being looking after properly.

I wouldn't worry about what you've said or how you've behaved - it's not a test and the HV will be on your side because you are what is best for your child.

MrsNuthouse Wed 06-Jan-16 20:59:20

Yes I think you are right, I just seem to overthink everything! smile

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Thu 07-Jan-16 14:44:05

Mine, that I've had for the last 4.5 years is fabulous. She was a pedi nurse for 5 years, a mw for 9 & is a mother of 5. She understands parenting from a 'real life' aspect not just from books. The first one that I had, as a ftm, was terrible. Nice enough but didn't know her from her elbow to put it bluntly, she wasn't newly qualified either she'd been a hv for 6 years when I met her.

I dislike the notion they're here to 'spy' on you though. It's like the idea that SS are evil baby snatchers/there to break up families.

That being said there are good & bad in every profession.

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