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Missing Mumsnetters

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expatkat Wed 19-May-04 19:34:31

Where has Evita gone?

popsycal Wed 19-May-04 19:35:18

i was wondering that too

Rhubarb Wed 19-May-04 19:37:51

Back to Argentina?

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 19:53:36

they don't have the internet in Argentina?!

papillon Wed 19-May-04 19:54:34

Is Argentina like Cuba.. no internet for the locals?

gloworm Wed 19-May-04 20:14:23

also have been wondering about Evita.

Where are yooooooou???

tamum Wed 19-May-04 20:15:31

Errr, the Argentina bit's a joke (geddit?)

twiglett Wed 19-May-04 20:42:27

message withdrawn

Marina Thu 20-May-04 13:41:43

She's around but has changed her name. I've spotted her but don't want to blow her cover, I'll leave it to her! (Can you guess who it is yet...)

expatkat Thu 20-May-04 14:13:42

You know, Marina, I *thought* she must have changed her name b/c I tried to contact her thru another talker and got an automated message back from mumsnet saying "There is no username Evita" which freaked me out a bit in a science fiction film-y sort of way, as though I'd only *imagined* a poster named Evita.

Evita aka whoever: I'm back in London so e-mail me via "contact another talker" if you want my phone number in case of emergency. I'm relieved you're still floating around, albeit undercover, and hope all went well with the cardiologist.

foxinsocks Fri 21-May-04 13:32:37

where is Azure? I haven't been on here long myself but have noticed she's disappeared. In fact, Azure if you are still around with another handle, have just seen you work in Theobalds Rd which is exactly where I was working. In fact, am beginning to wonder if you work in the same place I did!

Twinkie Fri 21-May-04 13:33:13

And mammya where is she too??

LunarSea Fri 21-May-04 14:14:59

Azure has been on the ttc threads in the last couple of days I think.

foxinsocks Fri 21-May-04 14:21:17

thanks lunar. Just realised there was a search facility and noticed she had been around. I guess so many people post on here that unless you are around at exactly the right time or contributing to the same conversation, you often miss people!

papillon Fri 21-May-04 14:23:01

(Funny ha ha yourselves )

fwiw there really is not alot of internet access in Cuba.. Fidel doesn´t want the locals to greet the world - it is there but made very expensive so the majority cannot afford it.

papillon Fri 21-May-04 14:24:02

I miss Snugs - Snugs if you are around would love to chat!

Snugs Mon 24-May-04 10:16:14

papillon - bless you - I'm here. Computer playing up and internet access very patchy - keeps crashing on me. Tend to get chance to read threads, but not post
Fingers crossed, will be back chatting soon

eefs Mon 24-May-04 10:26:23

I haven't seen Droile around, hope you're ok?
or Chiccadum (spelling may be wrong there though) - although there seem to have been a lot of name changes recently though

spacemonkey Mon 24-May-04 11:51:42

where is stupidgirl?

Demented Mon 24-May-04 13:53:31

That's weird, I was just going to ask about stupidgirl/anais, are you there?

Bron Tue 29-Jun-04 12:55:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oxocube Tue 29-Jun-04 13:06:55

I kmow she started a new job (around the same time as WWW) so maybe she's been too busy to spend hours on M/net like the rest of us .Funny, I was also wondering about Enid yesterday.

zebraX Tue 10-May-05 23:12:09

Where is Jimjams? Did she flounce? Have I missed something?

rickman Tue 10-May-05 23:14:07

Message withdrawn

zebraX Tue 10-May-05 23:14:56

That's a pity.

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