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CEECTNEIR - 9 letter word??

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discordia Wed 19-May-04 13:46:29

This is from the puzzle page in our local paper. Paperboy forgot to deliver ours yesterday so can't get the answer. Need to make a 9 letter word out of -


Anyone? It's driving me mad.

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 13:49:37

not a clue discordia, but now its driving me mad too!

spacemonkey Wed 19-May-04 13:50:58


PandaBear Wed 19-May-04 13:51:02


spacemonkey Wed 19-May-04 13:51:09

no - not enough Cs

discordia Wed 19-May-04 13:51:11

Sorry Lisa78!

spacemonkey Wed 19-May-04 13:51:21

yay panda!

discordia Wed 19-May-04 13:52:16

Oooh, Pandabear, I think you've got it! THANK YOU!!!

Hulababy Wed 19-May-04 13:53:19

spacemonkey - that was my first thought but too many c

well done panda

PandaBear Wed 19-May-04 13:53:46

No probs - hope you can enjoy the rest of the day now. There's nothing like have an annoying conundrum on your mind!!

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 13:54:29


CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 13:55:10

too many es for eccentric!!!

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 13:55:49

oh sorry someone already got it durrrrr

Lisa78 Wed 19-May-04 17:12:58

yeah yeah Countess, you knew Panda had got it, really didn't you? You just wanted to look as though you were clever

dinosaur Wed 19-May-04 17:13:47

Obviously distracted by the rabbit, eh CD??

CountessDracula Wed 19-May-04 23:56:00

no all I saw was Eccentic!! Honest I promise

(anyway I looked it up in an anagram solver on the web so NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

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