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Need a new ISP . .

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Mum2Ela Wed 19-May-04 08:18:07

Hi everyone

I am looking for a new ISP.

We were with Tesco which was fab as it was something like a penny a minute off-peak and nothing else. Don't spend a lot of time on internet at home as use it in work. Tesco have (strangly) cut us off (I think) bit can't tell us why!! And we don't know. When we ring they tech dept they don't know either and tell us they will ring us back (and never do).

Does anyone have any recommendations for ISP's?


Mum2Ela Wed 19-May-04 10:02:25


Tissy Wed 19-May-04 10:08:30

I'm quite happy with Demon Internet- they charge £11.75 per month, and even when my bank kept bouncing the direct debit, they didn't disconnect me!

21stcenturygirl Wed 19-May-04 10:12:34

Had same thing with Tesco's, tried them all, Tiscali, AOL, Freeserve and all crap tech dept's. Now use \link{} pay as you go 1p a minute - excellent - lot better than Tesco's.

21stcenturygirl Wed 19-May-04 10:14:14

Oops link didn't work try this

Mum2Ela Wed 19-May-04 13:21:57

Thanks 21stcenturygirl. That looks like just what I am looking for.

Will ring them tonight and see if they can send me a cd to install.


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