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saggy tum following c section

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Geexox Thu 10-Dec-15 00:21:39

So I'm now nearly 6 months past my c sec and my tummy had been left with an over hang and it's so saggy, I'm only young and I had a brilliant figure before just wondering will it ever go without surgery? I had a healthy baby and I'm extremely thankful for that but whenever i get invited out or OH wants to go for a meal I just don't wanna go cos you can see it under everything I wear and people have made comment sad

Pidapie Tue 15-Dec-15 11:19:31

I have a saggy tummy too - and I didn't have a c section. Lots of women get this just from being pregnant and having the skin stretched during pregnancy. I think you can probably make it better by excercising, but it is probably never going to go away properly sad I wear longish vest tops under everything, they're stretchy so it covers up the bit that sags.

There might be other solutions someone else can give you, hopefully someone knows of something.

Doublebubblebubble Tue 15-Dec-15 11:25:46

I'm 8 weeks post partum (emcs) I've got a saggy tum. I dont care what anyone thinks tbh but I want the sag gone. I've been doing stomach crunches and its gone down a bit. With my DD (vb) my tummy went almost instantaneously. I am bf too so I think that's helping x good luck op

ThatsNiceDear Tue 15-Dec-15 11:45:00

Can you post a picture? It really depends on what's making it sag. If it's the muscles or a bit of excess fat, obviously you can diet and exercise that away (although you may need special exercises from a physio if your stomach muscles have separated). If it's just skin, only surgery will help.

I had a natural birth and my skin sagged but the sagging was all over so not too badly noticeable after a while. Then I had a c-sec and where they sewed me up it was like a complete fold along the line of the scar, so I had a flap of skin hanging down. It showed even in clothes, the worst thing was the kind of pubic bulge look in jeans! I had no fat on my belly but whenever I complained about my saggy tummy, people would say 'just lose a few lbs', it drove me mad, it was so much skin, and no fat, so losing a few more lbs would definitely not help. I had a tummy tuck. It was expensive at just over 5,000 pounds but worth every penny. Just make sure you don't want any more kids first.

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