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Mornington Crescent - will end on Christmas day

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GonzoFlyingProducts Sun 06-Dec-15 02:07:34

Welcome to the end of season game, all are invited - young, old experts and idiots. The game has a time limit and will end on Christmas day (London Transport Time). Trumpington's variations will obviously be applied, you may shunt if having been pervasively varied (or in Warren St) and Erdingtons should be avoided at the cost of a turn.

Opening gambit: Turnham Green.

GonzoFlyingProducts Sat 19-Dec-15 01:44:46

No one?

SladeGreen Sat 19-Dec-15 02:16:30

Hmmm....Turnham Green. Very strong start, OP.

Ok, fair enough. I'll follow that with Lancaster Gate.

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