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Do you have a dinning room ???

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Nutcracker Mon 17-May-04 19:53:08

A seperate one i mean. If so do you use it as a dinning room or a multi functional room ??

At the new house we will have a seperate dinning room and thats exactly what i want it to be. Was planning on having the table in the centre instead of shoved to one side as it is now.
I want us to all eat in there together with no t.v.

A couple of people have said that they think it's a bit of a waste of a room, and that we should have the table in there but not out in the middle and then have the room to do anything in.

Thing is, if we do this i think the room will become a corridor as the back door is in there.

What do you think ??

Janstar Mon 17-May-04 20:00:07

I think it's your house and you should do it how you like not how other people think it should be.

And if you don't like it after all, it's easy to move the furniture around.

Janh Mon 17-May-04 20:00:08

Our "dining room" is also a corridor, because the hall stops at its door and you have to go through it to the kitchen.

Ours is about 14' square and has piano, large table and 6 chairs (in the middle), sideboard, TV/video/music cupboard (no TV during family meals though) and tall dresser. Also has 4 doors - hall, understairs cupboard, archway to kitchen, french windows (no back door in kitchen). Very busy room!

When the kids were small though we had a folding table that tucked away and the middle of the floor was play space.


essbee Mon 17-May-04 20:00:29

Message withdrawn

Janstar Mon 17-May-04 20:01:15

Ours is L shaped with a conservatory. We move around the furniture for summer and winter.

Branster Mon 17-May-04 20:04:27

we have a separate dining room, not v. big, but we have a table & 6 chairs around it. If that's what you want to use it for, that's what you should do. It's your house. We use it quite a lot actually, for meals as well as reading the papers, writing and dd's craft&painting activities. So it's not at all a wasted space. And the dog's bed is kept in there too!

roisin Mon 17-May-04 20:07:47

Like JanH's our dining room is also the 'corridor' to the kitchen. It's pretty small, but it's my favourite room in the house. We've put up shelving and cupboards for all the boys' paints, pens, pencils, glue, craft materials, etc., and they just help themselves whenever they like. (Tiled floor ) It works really well for us.

Eventually I want to evict dh from the study downstairs and have a 'smart' dining room with a bigger table, (free of PVA!). But atm this suits our needs perfectly.

charlieplus3 Mon 17-May-04 20:10:05

Yes and only go into dust or go out of the french windows. We had good intentions of sitting at the table every evening for family meal but we plonk ourselves in front of the tv instead with dinner on a tray.

essbee Mon 17-May-04 20:15:04

Message withdrawn

Janh Mon 17-May-04 20:17:21

We don't have a lot of family meals there either, c+3 - table is always full of piles of Stuff!

The boys tend to clear a space at the TV end and watch Simpsons or Malcolm while they're eating - the rest of us perch at kitchen table or on sofa - our house seems to have become a diner, everybody eats different food at different times (except for Sunday roasts at about 6.30pm)

fairydust Mon 17-May-04 20:18:10

in our old house we had a seperate dining room and it was a dumping ground for the ironing the buggy and anything else on route - in this house we have a 25ft by 12ft long living room so the dining table is at the back of the room and it is used alot more

Nutcracker Mon 17-May-04 20:28:58

Oooh thanks for all the advice.
Downstairs we will have a average sized living room, an average sized dinning room and a largish kitchen, but it doesn't have room for a table as it's full of cupboards (yippee).

We have had a seperate dinning room before and it was always used as a dumping ground then.
I imagine it will be pristine for all of a week and then become a tip.

charlieplus3 Mon 17-May-04 20:30:15

How excited are you Nutcracker? So pleased for you xxx

Janstar Mon 17-May-04 20:33:06

Janh, my kids always want to watch the Simpsons while we're eating too!

God, I think you and I were separated at birth sometimes. And then someone played the cruel trick of giving us the same name.

Janh Mon 17-May-04 20:39:51

So are you really me? Or am I really you?

Nutcracker Mon 17-May-04 20:43:06

Excited isn't the word Charlie (can't think of a better one though )

I am actually looking forward to the 6 week hols now.

essbee Mon 17-May-04 20:50:48

Message withdrawn

Nutcracker Mon 17-May-04 20:53:05

Yes thats it essbee, all of those and more.

misdee Mon 17-May-04 20:53:39

o you are so lucky! i have always wanted a dining room/playroom. atm dd's have a splash mat in the kitchen for paints, and leals are eaten in the living room which drives me mad. I would also love a room to chuck dh and his decks in lol. and have the longue just for relaxing and reading the paper in.

Nutcracker Mon 17-May-04 20:55:45

Oh sorry Misdee, i should stop going on about it.

Did you apply for a move yet ????

misdee Mon 17-May-04 20:59:48

no go on about it. you deserve it. i get really excvited thinking about how great it is you finally have the space u need.

we are back on the list, have 30points already, medical form will be assessed on friday. if we get the low rate of 30points we stand a good chance of moving this yr, above that and we stand a good chance of moving in the next few months. i am phoning them every week already lol. thing is, have holidays booked between the 21st - 24th june, and weekend away the 2nd july so they better not move us those weeks lol. mieow has a shed laod of garden toys we will be raiding if they move us quickly.

btw, you know we all want pics of this new place doncha?!

Demented Tue 18-May-04 11:12:19

We have a dining room and use it to eat (eating in the livingroom is a treat in our house ), we also have some kitchen cupboards in there (one made up like a dresser) to give some extra storage and the children's art stuff and play kitchen are in there too. There is no room to eat in our kitchen so I couldn't imagine not using it to eat in, although the half of the table we don't use on a daily basis gets covered with all the junk of the day so when we have people round it needs cleared.

Dead exciting Nutcracker!!!

mothernature Tue 18-May-04 11:17:59

Yes we do have a separate dining room, this is where we eat most nights, my computer is in there along with an easy chair, a six foot fish tank and side table, the boiler for the central heating is also located in there (boxed in to look like a cupboard) plenty of room, almost as big as number one reception room. I consider us very lucky.. when we bought this house we went for the rooms and a communal garden that was the trade well.

marialuisa Tue 18-May-04 11:22:05

Yep, we eat in there every evening. We have an enormous table and DD prefers to sit there for colouring sessions and DH tends to use his laptop and work there rather than upstairs if he works from home.

I also stick the clothes horse in there in winter, with all those annoying things on it that can't go in the dryer!

Nutcracker Tue 18-May-04 13:15:41

Misdee - From what you have told me I don't see any reasoin why you won't get the higher rate of medical points.
I know they all work differently though, but my points were given for depression, and i didn't have any probs getting the points.

As far as i can tell you have a greater need to move than i do as your Dh has a serious medical condition.

Good Luck

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