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Barbie, Princesses etc - harmless or perpetuating female stereotypes?

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Stockingsofdinosaurs Mon 11-Dec-06 22:04:53

I'm more concerned about the copious amounts of pink plastic tat clogging up the Western world. My dd's 3 and says she likes Barbie but doesn't really know much about it (hurray for advert-free CBeebies!) - she will not be getting a hideous Barbie or Disney Princess dress for Christmas. There are some lovely princess dresses out there that don't look like pageant dresses, the official ones are overpriced and hideous.

LieselVonGiftwrapp Mon 11-Dec-06 22:04:08

Barbies are fab. Thats all Ive got to say - but then Im a Princess

WhenSantaWentQuietlyMad Mon 11-Dec-06 21:57:51

Luckily I have not got to this stage yet with dd1.

However, round someone else's house the other day, the children were watching a Barbie film (12 Dancing Princesses as I remember). It was just so ludicrously sexist - at one stage the "mother" said to the girls "You are no better than a common maid".

Am I over-reacting or should I try to resist the onslaught of negative role models for my dds?

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