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Emergency electric soon to run out and no money till Friday!

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tamsin92 Tue 24-Nov-15 17:50:37

Don't suppose anyone can give me any advice. My emergency electric is on £3 and I have no money till I get paid Friday and no family/friends I can ask to lend me any money. I have spoke to British gas and even though I have a 2 year old they said they cannot help me! I only have electric in my property so I'm really struggling with it being so cold I can't afford to turn my storage heaters on. I'm getting really panicked that my electric is going to go before Friday sad

Believeitornot Tue 24-Nov-15 17:51:22

Why can't you ask any body?

iwantgin Tue 24-Nov-15 17:54:14

i don't know how it works - but if you are on benefits is there anyway you can be loaned some extra money ?

MagpieCursedTea Tue 24-Nov-15 17:56:07

Emergency overdraft from the bank?
Anything you can sell/pawn?
Any loyalty card points you can use?
Any vouchers/gift cards?

iwantgin Tue 24-Nov-15 17:57:07

oh yes - sell something on fb.

I see loads of people doing that - you could have cash this evening.

RainbowBodyDouble Tue 24-Nov-15 18:00:34

Don't get any loans.

Ask around friends (imagine it was a friend telling you they were broke, you won't be judged by good pals)
If no one can spare a fiver then get you coats on and start visiting.

Free places, friends or family library etc.
My DB used to go sit in the job centre all day, it was toasty.

If you are skint then a loan will cripple you.

MairyHoles Tue 24-Nov-15 18:02:52

I'm on a prepayment meter and got a £12 voucher in the post this morning so maybe they're sending them out this week? Hopefully! I think people on certain benefits can apply online for the warm home discount- £140 electricity to help in cold weather. Obviously wouldn't be through in time but worth considering in future. Can you ask your electric company to increase your emergency credit?

bigsnugglebunny Tue 24-Nov-15 18:03:42

I think food banks might do top ups - not 100% sure. Might be worth contacting your health visitor for some advice, and maybe a referral?

nommi Tue 24-Nov-15 18:07:07

Im sure meters cant go off after 7 at night. Even if you have used your emergency.

Madelinehatter Tue 24-Nov-15 18:12:31

Ask social services? It's an issue if you have a child under 2.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 24-Nov-15 18:12:55

Certain meters can't go off after 7 - but they won't reactivate if they are already off and it's not all meters, just newish British gas ones if I remember right.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 24-Nov-15 18:13:56

OP, there's no obvious other ways, if you've got no way of making money. Do you have somewhere you can stay and be warm until Friday if it does get turned off?

cuntycowfacemonkey Tue 24-Nov-15 18:23:13

Other than selling something on Facebook selling page tonight or asking a friend for a tenner then I'm not sure what answer there is.

Heating doesn't need to be on at night and during the day I would get out of the house to the library, surestart groups until you have some money on friday

Luxyelectro Tue 24-Nov-15 18:26:37

So you have £3 left and Wednesday and Thursday to get through before you get money on Friday, I assuming at midnight or shortly afterwards?

I think you can make that last. I would be able to. But turn everything off that isn't absolutely necessary
Can you go and stay with a friend/relative ?

TheOnlyOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Nov-15 18:37:16

We do advise all our members to be aware that not everyone on t'internet is who they say they are, and that, although we're awed daily by the astonishing support our members give each other through life's trickier twists and turns, we'd always caution anyone never to give more of themselves to another poster, emotionally or financially, than they can afford to spare.

tamsin92 Tue 24-Nov-15 20:58:01

I already borrowed £5 off a friend thinking that would pay into my £10 emergency but it didn't. There's no one else I can ask I don't have much family. I don't have anything to sell either. Can't take out any loads either as I'm currently in a bad credit situation and paying off previous loans. I'm hoping it will last but still having gotten use to the whole meter thing yet so don't know how far £3 can go. And yes I've already had my £12 rebate through a couple weeks ago, thanks thoughsmile

JamesBlades92 Thu 18-Jan-18 14:14:09

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