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Any other women having the same problem with mirena?!

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YasminMaria Mon 23-Nov-15 22:48:29

Hey guys, I'm a newbie to this site!
I'm really down and feeling rubbish about myself and came across this site so thought I'd join and see if anyone else is having the same issue!! So I had mirena coil fitted about 4-5 months ago.. its great I've had no periods at all since its been fitted, I have loved it up until now! About 4-6 weeks ago I started getting spots all on my chin, it's getting worse and worse like acne! I have never suffered from acne or spots like this ever even in my teens and it's really starting to get me down. I'm paranoid about going out and I'm feeling really self conscious. [Sad] It's horrible!!! So my question is, has anyone else experienced this if so have you found anything that has helped? I have booked a docs appointment for next week to see if they can help with anything at all. I really don't want the coil out as I have two children already one with a disability so I really can't afford to even risk getting pregnant again! I've tried the implant and the pill and neither were any good to me at all! Please help guys!!

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