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edgarcat is poorly

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coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 11:32:40

My 15 year old moggy isa t the vets after holding his tail in a decideldly camp fashion, and growling alot

moe this tea time.

SoupDragon Mon 17-May-04 11:33:06

bundle Mon 17-May-04 11:33:55

oh no

LIZS Mon 17-May-04 11:47:47

Hope he recovers.

My pil's moggy is getting on and is pretty much skin and bone. Had a scare last year where he disappeared for about a week and turned up miles away. dh just visited and would be very surprised if the kids see him again - sadly he is what they most remember of their last trip to see Granny and Grandad.

iota Mon 17-May-04 11:49:11

cod - sounds like a bite on the tail - my cat had this last year
best wishes

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 11:52:30

was discussing palliative care wiht vet who said witheringly " I think its just a bite "

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 13:41:00

cat is returning undiagnosed theis pm with painkillers and antibiotics

CountessDracula Mon 17-May-04 13:43:27

poor puss cat hope he is better soon and that he doesn't get beaten up by other local cats for having camp tail

libb Mon 17-May-04 13:43:39

Bless him, the younger cats are turning the tables on him maybe? Our cat is starting to suffer for his earlier reign of terror . . . he can still give as good as he gets though!

CountessDracula Mon 17-May-04 13:43:50

Hang on if he's undiagnosed why are they giving him antibiotics?

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 13:44:24

hmm he is the barry white of cats

a lerrrv walrus
has only half a tail anyway

iota Mon 17-May-04 13:44:36

cod - couldn't they find a cat bite then?

Actually when I took my cat in the vet did say it could be another kind of trauma to the tail e.g. caught it in something. However when he found the scabby oozing bite it all became clear!
An injection and a couple of "cat paracetamol" had him soerted out in a couple of days.

Hope Edgarcat is OK soon

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 13:48:35

very kind

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 13:49:28

no no bite evident

bundle Mon 17-May-04 13:50:03

thought you were going to say he'd gone to cattery in the sky..

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 13:51:10


Tanzie Mon 17-May-04 22:58:04

Or Rainbow Bridge even
I am mad old cat woman. Mine is nearly 19 but still fighting. I wish your puss many more years of life Coddy.

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