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Stuck in a rut!

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Seekinghelp5 Wed 18-Nov-15 23:09:00

So, I'm a mum to three amazing children. I'm married to their dad, but I feel like we have been going round in circles for far too long.
This is my first big step in asking for some help....

We have been together nearly 10years, but our relationship is far from perfect.... The more time goes on the more I feel depressed that I'm still in this situation. He's admitted he doesn't love me anymore, and I feel the same. And yet we plod on.
He has no family.
Therefore uses the excuse he has nowhere to go.
He works full-time, and I work part-time.
I feel like I just allow him to stay because it's easier, but I can't take it anymore.
I need to move forwards, but I honestly don't have a clue where to start?
This isn't a decision I've taken lightly. But I can't stay like this, when I no i can be happier with my children....
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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