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Another silly website - hours of fun for kids old & young!

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emsiewill Sun 05-May-02 14:23:04

I read about this in the Guardian "Editor" yesterday, and was bored, so went to have a look. Me and dds (and dh, come to that) have had loads of fun "making" each other, all our friends, relatives, etc. Going to try to make a link, so bear with me.....
lego dressup

emsiewill Sun 05-May-02 14:23:56

Oooh, the link worked!!!!

jenny2998 Sun 05-May-02 16:14:14

Tried this, and just got a blue screen when the page came up...

emsiewill Sun 05-May-02 18:18:18

You have to wait a while - it worked when I did it, I promise.

janh Sun 05-May-02 20:14:25

jenny, it takes several minutes to load but does turn up eventually and is worth waiting for! (If you bookmark it after it loads you will get the start page straight away next time.)

jenny2998 Wed 08-May-02 20:55:33

Aha, got there this time!

elwar Thu 09-May-02 09:41:33

Good fun, emsiewill! I did myself first, but it was really quite boring so I started doing family members instead - much funnier!

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