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buggy addict strikes again.

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misdee Sun 16-May-04 17:05:30

big oops. went to car boot today and picked up a emmaljunga (sp??) buggy with a detachable toddler seat. dh has basically told me i have to sell one of my other buggies now. so for the chop we have:
mothercare urban detour (3yrs old) with swivel wheel, but is well used and probably on its last legs anyway.

maclaren triumph, not that old, dont want to get rid of it as it fits into the car so easily.

and my back up buggy is a Graco citisport, which gets used more than the 3 wheeler, mainly as i tend to leave the triuph in the car and the 3 wheeler sis behinf the bikes in the cupboard. so it looks like i'll be getting rid of my 3 wheeler.

Nutcracker Sun 16-May-04 17:30:17

OOOh how exciting. Do you really have to get rid of one though. Will Dh notice if you don't ??

I only brought my Maclaren about 3 mths ago but i'm bored already. Dp will definatly kill meif i buy another.

I've just remembered, i have a winnie the pooh Hauck pushchair in the cupboard. I suppose i'll have to get rid of that when we move. Oh well, means theres room for another then.

misdee Sun 16-May-04 18:05:20

hey ya nutty. i might get away with keeping it but have no need for it.

charlieplus3 Sun 16-May-04 18:30:55

New buggy hooray

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