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Mystery Shopping

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marz Sat 15-May-04 20:04:05

Has anyone had any experience of this.....or know of any reputable companies etc that employ?

eddm Sat 15-May-04 20:37:05

Do you mean working as a mystery shopper? I work for a very reputable organisation that uses them for consumer research but I'm not involved at a day to day level. If you have any specific questions I could try to find out more.

mummysurfer Sat 15-May-04 20:38:30

yes i've done it for 2 different companies...
McPherson &
Focus Sales Marketting - sometimes called The Service Practice.
What would you like to know?

tammybear Sat 15-May-04 20:45:54

My ex did that, but he didn't do much. He had to go to a restaurant once and test out their food That's all I think he ever did. Not very helpful

marz Mon 17-May-04 08:52:01 work for them, I am just wondering if it is as easy as it seems, go shopping for what they ask and then write a report.....? How do you og about applying to do become one? Is there regular work, enough for a part time income, or should it just be seen as fun....?

Janh Mon 17-May-04 10:11:31

marz, I thought about doing this but when they sent me details of how to do a practise one for them I realised it really wouldn't be fun at all!

You have to behave in a specific way, which I would have had trouble doing - I mean they don't give you a script or anything, but you have to go looking for particular things in a particular way - and you have to write down how everybody behaves BUT not until you get out of the shop. You have to appear to be a normal shopper behaving naturally and I knew I couldn't have done it while concentrating on remembering what people had said.

Sainsburys use mystery shoppers, one person visits a store once each month and the whole store is scored on that one visit - hell of a responsibility to be fair to both sides!

Don't know how well it pays either.

Janh Mon 17-May-04 10:14:01

Have a look at this thread , marz - lots of useful links.

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