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so confused HELP

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midwayupthecreek Fri 06-Nov-15 16:52:31

I really could use some outside opinions on my troubling situation. My husband and I have been married 6 years now, he has always been selfish, manipulative, angry person. We have been having a lot of marriage problems for quite a while now. I recently (early September) asked him to leave our home and he did for a few days. He returned as we both agreed to work on our relationship. This lasted 2 days and a huge argument developed. With this argument he again said he was leaving the following morning. I woke the next morning, not noticing anything out of the ordinary until his alarm failed to wake him (unusual). I shook him, sprinkled water in his response. Long story short he had intentionally overdosed on one of his medications. While sitting in the hospital I look at my email on my phone...I had a message from him blaming me for his suicide, instructing me to NEVER forget that I could have prevented this. He also asked me to continue raising his daughter's two children (10 and 4). Not knowing for 3 days if he was going to live or die and being on life support he finally started breathing on his own. Within 2 days of being off life support he was released to home. A little more than a month later things between us escalated and again he left the home. The next morning he had pulled his truck against the house right outside my bedroom window where I found him again unresponsive, this time on life support for 2 days. This time was the day following laying to rest the most influential person in my life (my grandfather who raised me died suddenly).

With all of this being said I am considering leaving the home to my Mothers to try and clear my head for a few days or longer as I have no idea if I even want to work on this marriage any longer. I am so confused, will this make matters worse or better for us both. Will he try again? We have been raising his daughters 2 children for 4 years now, I cannot take them with me so I feel I am also bailing on them. Do I stay, do I go...........Please HELP

Shakey15000 Fri 06-Nov-15 16:55:57

How awful for you sad

I'd be running for the hills and not looking backwards. He has bigger problems that you can ever help with never mind forging a better relationship.

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