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what size washing machine i buy if i got a 9kg tumble dryer?

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biglips Thu 05-Nov-15 08:05:35

As atm I've got a 5kg washing machine and I used to have a 7kg. For 5 of us, I know I could do with a 7kg again.... But dh reckons its best to stick to 5kg as 9kg tumble dryer dried clothes better...


MediumBox Thu 05-Nov-15 08:09:55

I would go for a 7kg drum. mainly because it can fit bigger items like a single duvet.

biglips Thu 05-Nov-15 09:29:24

Yes. Think it's the best way.


Artandco Thu 05-Nov-15 09:34:52

Get a 8/9kg washing machine also imo

Ours is 9kg. Mean see can fit all super king size bedding and kids in one load for example.

Can also wash kids duvets in

So only need to do about 3 loads a week so saves time. There is an option to do a half load also if we have less which take sit down to under 5kg anyway so best of both really.

Alibabsandthe40Musketeers Thu 05-Nov-15 09:39:14

I have a 12kg washing machine and a 9kg drier.

It is very rare that the whole load of washing would need to go in the drier, there are always items that need hanging, but it means I can wash duvets, throws, all the bedding fits in one wash etc.

biglips Thu 05-Nov-15 09:56:20

If over 7kg... Doesn't it costs more to use it?

Artandco Thu 05-Nov-15 10:10:26

I don't think our washing machine costs much to use

MediumBox Thu 05-Nov-15 10:13:35

look into the manual for energy/water use. most are online.
I don't think they use more if washing full loads. + you have fewer washes.

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