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jampot Sat 15-May-04 12:59:53

I went into WH Smith yesterday to look for a book for dd. They are having a company clearout and many kids books are between 10p and 25p. I bought 17 and paid £5. I also have a kids collector card where you receive a sticker for each kids book purchased and then when you have collected 3 stickers you get another book free. I asked for my 17 stickers only to be told that it didn't apply. It doesn't say that on the collector card so I called customer service to be told that yes I should have had them and they are sending me 6 completed cards in the post!! So for £5 I've had 17 (value £82) books and now a further 6 at £6.99.

SecondhandRose Sat 15-May-04 13:34:29

Oh bum, I was in Brent Cross yesterday but didn't go in there. A good excuse for a visit next week!

candy Sat 15-May-04 20:37:00

I also got some fantastic bargains in WH Smiths in Brum today. DD and I got very excited over books from 25p and fab packets of Stilo gel pens for 50p! I bought loads of tissue paper for 10p a pack as I'm one of those sad mums who loves making party bags and it'll come in handy for that, also a designer style pink leather purse for just 50p! DD got a gorgeous pop up book with moveable magical beasts characters to play with, 99p. And in Gap I went to pay for some trousers for me marked £14.99 plus a fleece and some socks for dd and the lady on the till charged me £15 for the lot! It turned out that my trews had been reduced again to £6.97! So after all those bargains I had money spare to go mad in Clinique - dh didn't even moan!

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