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Is it easy to do a blog? and is a blog what I intend to do?

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Katymac Wed 06-Dec-06 23:07:50

I want to keep an on-line diary about my nursery plans (so I can bore everyone - esp cod)

Is that a blog?

If it is how do I do it?

Please be gentle with me...nt too much techie stuff

frenziednester Thu 07-Dec-06 18:20:22

go onto and they have a step by step guide to setting one up. It is free and looks vey professional when done.

Katymac Wed 13-Dec-06 08:41:14

Are there any others?

I need it to look quite proffessional (as it is for my business)

I want to be able to put the suppliers details on (for the nursery) as the beeb won't let me advertise

There seem to be so many Blog sites - how do you publicise yours/

SenoraPostrophe Wed 13-Dec-06 09:04:14

if you want it to look professional I would look at getting one setup on your website (or getting a website set up if you don't have one).

but I guess that might be a lot of hassle/expense (probably min 250 quid in all). of the main blog sites blogspot is probably the best. You could buy a domain (about 20 quid) and then get it redirected to the blog so that it'll have an address that's easy to remember.

Katymac Wed 13-Dec-06 10:38:01

OK I have a website - so I need a link on the webpage to the blog (on blogspot?) would that work?

SenoraPostrophe Wed 13-Dec-06 17:59:24

that would work, or you could get someone to add a blog to your actual website for you.

Blondilocks Wed 13-Dec-06 18:00:56

My friends who are travelling at the mo are using an msnspace which you can get for free with a hotmail account.

It seems to be quite easy & you can modify the layout.

Katymac Tue 26-Dec-06 20:44:47

Well I started it......

What do you think?

thehitchhiker Sun 23-Aug-09 02:27:53

Message withdrawn

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