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Readers of MISTY comic? Share your memories?

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Foxypaws70 Tue 27-Oct-15 11:55:56

My partner writes a blog about comics and is preparing a post about MISTY to coincide with Halloween. He didn’t read the comic himself as a child but wants to include a few memories from people who did – in particular, any memories of a favourite story and what it was that you think was so great about it.

Any original readers of Misty out there who'd share their thoughts? I absolutely loved the woo woo spooky good v evil stories that were in some of the girls' comics in the 1970s (Jinty, Tammy, Sandie), but I'd moved on to Jackie and Pink (and my mum's Cosmo) by the time Misty appeared ... smile

ScarlettDarling Tue 27-Oct-15 12:05:05

Don't think I'd be any help to your partner as I can't remember all that much about Misty.

But was 'Valda' from Misty? I loved her! She never aged and lived for hundreds of years. She had mysterious powers and had to 'recharge' in the sun after she had exerted herself! When she had used her powers she used to age dramatically until she got into the Suns rays and would magically become young and beautiful again!

DreamingOfThruxtons Tue 27-Oct-15 12:07:53

My sister and I LOVED Misty!

One story which I do remember was one about a girl who absolutely loved eating prawns live- and which ended with aliens landing on a beach where she was holding a party, and gobbling up all the humans with a similar show of gluttony. Odd.

They seemed to love setting stories in cottages in Devon a lot of the time: and smugglers seem to feature quite frequently. Sorry, my memory seems to be pretty hazy now, though it is 30+ years ago, and I have pregnancy brain.

DreamingOfThruxtons Tue 27-Oct-15 12:09:08

I remember Valda, Scarlett- so I think it probably was in Misty...

ScarlettDarling Tue 27-Oct-15 12:13:37

I remember one Valda story-I think it was in an annual one year- where she fell in love with a WW1 fighter pilot. Many years later, Valda found his crashed plane in the jungle or something. She knew it was his because he'd painted a picture of her on the nose of the plane and had written her name there.

The pilot had obviously crashed and died years before...and Valda was still young and beautiful, and had never known what became of him. I think Valda even cried in that story, and she NEVER used to show weak emotions like sadness!

'Twas very sad, brought a lump to my 10 year old throat!

ScarlettDarling Tue 27-Oct-15 12:14:21

Dreaming love the prawn story! Hilarious grin

PlentyOfPubeGardens Tue 27-Oct-15 12:17:37

I remember the prawns story! - 'the trouble is you need so many of them to make a meal!'

There was a story about a girl who wished she could live forever and her wish was granted. Eventually everything else on the planet had died and she was still sitting there on a chair amidst the emptiness, then everything began again. She sat on her chair and watched dinosaurs roam the earth and time continued until it was the present day again and she was back in the classroom about to make a wish.

I think this was in Misty but might have been in another comic - a story of a teenage girl who became 'posessed' by the spirit of a toddler who had died. She got bullied for behaving like a small child.

Foxypaws70 Wed 28-Oct-15 13:45:06

Thanks so much for your replies - DP delighted. He's found the original stories and will credit your mumsnet names in his blog if that's ok? I'll post back with a link when the post is up.

Turns out Valda was from Mandy!

Any other Misty memories out there? Still time to include them ... grin

ScarlettDarling Wed 28-Oct-15 17:55:16

Ah, Mandy! Loved that too!

ScarlettDarling Wed 28-Oct-15 18:00:33

Actually there is another story lurking in my mind that I think was from Misty. I'm sure it was something like a girl breaking into a house and using clay she found there to make a little figure, then weeks later when she returns, the figure has grown and come to life and eats her (or something.)

I know I haven't got the details right but it really spooked me!

SilentMinority00 Tue 03-Nov-15 19:01:21

This is DP - thanks all for sharing your memories. I was able to find the giant prawns and the live-forever girl, and posted them with pics on the blog here:

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