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scary letter from HMRC

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AndreaC1 Sun 25-Oct-15 09:09:46

Hi all,

Please help!!! Haven't slept in 2 nights thank you HMRC.

So they sent me a letter to be fair the letter was soft and seems me like a general asking nothing more. It states "we have information that suggests there might be another adult NAME MY EX linked to me or my address. Is everyone else's worded like this? It then asks me to provide an explanation of what my relationship is with my ex if he is my partner say so if he isn't please explain how I no him and what my relationship is. I then asks me to call them and if I can't provide as much information as I can I.e bills etc. All bills are in my name I was digging them all out yesterday and realised his name is still on my council tax sad I completely forgot to take him off OOPS. What I find weird they are askin for 6th April to 30th June I was even claiming benefits then and have only had benefits since August this year. The only benefit I get is child tax for his nursery costs I get nothing else at all.

My ex and I moved into my property last year I have been here nearly two ears now. He moved out last year November just after my son was born. He now lives back at his mums but only just within the last month or so. Please help I am absolutely petrified by this letter because he doesn't live here. He picks my son up 3 X a week and that's it.

This flat I rent my my uncle I have no tenancy agreement it isn't a legal requirement to. Sure I could get a letter but what an inconvenience. He lived here yes but hasn't for almost a year now. Why are they asking for 3 months worth of documents when I wasn't even claiming benefits then?

Please give me your thoughts guys!! Will be calling them tommorow wanted a heads up as to what I might expect.

StrawberryTeaLeaf Sun 25-Oct-15 09:15:16

I don't think the tenancy will be much of an issue.

Phone them and tell them what you've posted here. If they don't accept that, you'll probably need to supply evidence (bills etc, maybe a letter from your uncle).

A lot of women have had similar issues and have posted about them on the Money board.

StrawberryTeaLeaf Sun 25-Oct-15 09:16:43

And make sure you change the C Tax ASAP - you'll get a 25% discount as the only adult occupier smile.

AndreaC1 Sun 25-Oct-15 09:37:41

Hey Hun

Do you think I will be ok? The letter wasn't we no this and we no that etc it's just a little scary you no he doesn't live here I've read some really scary things. It's the first time I've moved out didn't even no I could get a 25% discount sad have you been though a similar thing?

I'm just so scared because he doesn't live here. Just takes his some nursery 3 days a week and bring him home that's all x

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