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Wedding query - would you expect highchairs?

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acnebride Fri 14-May-04 08:06:00

Hi, i'm getting married on 29 May and have about 24 under 6s at the reception. Have suddenly panicked about highchairs - if you were taking your small ds/dd to a wedding would you expect there to be a highchair for them, should I race round trying to hire/borrow some chairs? Also, I've got no idea how long children stay in highchairs for - what sort of age do they move out?

coppertop Fri 14-May-04 08:17:34

Can you ring the guests who have babies/toddlers and ask if they are expecting/would like highchairs? It would be one less thing to worry about.

Ghosty Fri 14-May-04 08:21:44

I took DS to two weddings when he was a baby and I didn't expect a high chair. I fed him while he sat in his buggy ...
If you do get high chairs I think they would not be needed for any child over the age of two ... a two year old can sit at the table on a normal chair surely?

SoupDragon Fri 14-May-04 08:27:22

I'd agree that the over 2s probably don't need a high chair. Any over 3 certainly won't. However, get someone to contact the guests with children and ask if they would like one. I included this question in with the directions etc and also whether their child would like a child's meal or a half portion of the adult one.

SoupDragon Fri 14-May-04 08:28:05

Does your reception venue not have any?

Hulababy Fri 14-May-04 08:29:50

When we have been for proper meals for weddings, etc. there has been highchairs provided, often with a little balloon attached for the child/baby. But 24 highchairs would be a lot for any place to find. Really I would think it is only the under 2s who would really need a highchair. DD is 25 months and we rarely bother with a highchair for her - haven't for a while now.

Ask the parents - you may find that they have portable highchairs they could bring too - so long as there is a chair to put them on.

marialuisa Fri 14-May-04 08:32:38

Definitely wouldn't expect highchairs but if the venue has them it may be worth asking parents of real littlies if they want one.

acnebride Fri 14-May-04 08:47:44

Thanks all, particularly helpful re the age groups, only 11 under 3s are coming, one of which is mine and most of which come in clumps of 2 or 3, so that makes the job of calling round much easier. Nice idea re the balloon... don't think the venue has any (community centre) but probably worth a check. Much calmer, thanks!

LIZS Fri 14-May-04 09:27:09

We went to a wedding when dd was 14 months and ds 4 where there were not many children (supposed to be a family kids only affair). The bride and groom provided highchair for dd and friends' 7 month old baby and small bag containing appropriate crayons, pad and bubbles for each of them. Thought it was a nice touch. dd has not sat in a highchair out and about for well over a year now - she's 2.5 s so agree you only need worry about the under 2's.

Tissy Fri 14-May-04 09:33:52

We took our two year old to a wedding a couple of months ago, and whilst there was lots for the kids to do (bouncy castle, toys, crayons, helium balloons etc) there were no high chairs. Dd and another two year old both fell backwards through the back of the dining chairs, a particularly daft folding design. Neither were hurt, but could have been . I would ask, if there are no highchairs, that the chairs do not fold, and have proper backs, so that babies can't fall through. If highchairs can't be provided, then at least warn the parents, they may be able to bring one of those folding things to attch the child to the chair!

toddlerbob Fri 14-May-04 09:56:12

If I was your guest I would either ring the venue and ask if they had them or take my own. I have been known to ring places and get them to describe their normal chairs in great detail so I can work out what to take. I wouldn't expect the bride to do it.

Bron Fri 14-May-04 10:14:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Northerner Fri 14-May-04 10:19:17

I think if I were going to a wedding I would expect a highchair is it were a formal sit down meal, and I wouldn't expect to organise it myself. If it's not formal, and just a buffet type meal I'm sure people will manage without.

Jaybee Fri 14-May-04 10:37:47

I think that the parents should realise that if the reception is in a Community centre then it is unlikely that there will be highchairs available. Personally, I would put my own in the car and bring it out if necessary.
Even the most formal of venues may only have a few highchairs.

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 10:46:30

i wouldn't expect it unless i had either asked the bride or phone the venue...

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 10:49:09

northerner, i don't think you could expect a high chair at every venue, and i don't think you could expect a childless bride & groom to realise you might need one! we had to order every piece of equipment separately for our wedding reception, so would not have had one handy unless parents had specified. we had to ring everyone and ask if they wanted one.

gloworm Fri 14-May-04 11:24:17

if i was invited to a wedding at a hotel i would probably assume there would alredy be high chairs there.
if it was at a church hall or community centre, i wouldn't expect one.
perhaps you could explain to the parents of the under 2's that they are welcome to bring a buggy for the child to sit in.

Northerner Fri 14-May-04 11:28:35

Serenequeen - if you are having a wedding at a venue who holds lots of weddings, in my experience (and I used to be a wedding co-ordinator) it is their responsibility to provide highchairs. So whilst a childless couple might not think about highchairs an experienced wedding co-ordinator (provided by most venues) should.

smellymelly Fri 14-May-04 12:33:36

You must be mad - I'm gettting married in July, and most parents have been asked not to bring their children!! I'm so mean.

Have you organised a childrens entertainer??

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 14:01:38

well, ours was a popular venue, part of a stately home, no wedding co-ordinator though, at least not one helped to that level of detail - it was v. much diy.

Northerner Fri 14-May-04 14:06:22

SQ - that sounds like a beautiful venue. Did you have to organsie your own caterers aswell or did they do it?

Oooh I could talk about weddings all day.

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