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Worried whether a company safely removed crysotile asbestos from our garage - help please!

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mcdc Tue 20-Oct-15 12:56:05

We recently had crysotile asbestos ceiling tiles removed from the inside of our integral garage ceiling using a specialist company. They claim that they used a specific vacuum (type H?) to clean afterwards but there are loads of cobwebs left, right at the junction of the walls and where the tiles used to be, so I guess that these were right in the line of any dust fibres that would have been released. Has anyone had this work done and know what exactly should be vacuumed afterwards? Am I wrong to assume that they haven't safely cleared the area if these cobwebs are present? Should they have air tested the garage after to check if was clear of asbestos fibres?

Also, now that the tiles have been removed, you can see the bottom of the floorboards in my son's room (it's directly above the garage). I'm worried that fibres may have escaped up via gaps in the floorboards (especially if the company may not have vacuumed properly) into his carpet and room. Has anyone else had similar work and had a room directly above the garage? Did the company you used do any tests after in the room above?

I have contacted the company we used but they are pretty much suggesting (without actually saying it!) that I'm being neurotic and that no-one ever complains about their clean up process. I am a bit of a worrier (!!) nd just wanted to know about other people's experience of how the process was carried out.

Thank you!

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