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What was the website address for alcohol free wine?

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Gingerbear Sun 03-Dec-06 18:28:23

just tried to search, but came up with a blank.
Someone mentioned a fab website for 'better than your average' alcohol free wine.
Anyone help, please?

purplemonkeydasheranddancer Mon 04-Dec-06 08:38:23

there was one on the baby channel but turns out that their website is crap and i can't find the link!
i'll keep looking though!

Jackstini Mon 04-Dec-06 08:43:57

it is this one

QueenofMumsnet Mon 04-Dec-06 21:08:38

i saw some in asda today too.
i think it was jacob's creek?

paulaplumpbottom Mon 04-Dec-06 21:57:30

Sainsburys has a lovely one. Its in the isle with the juice.

johnr Wed 06-Dec-06 00:02:25

Message withdrawn

steffan1 Tue 02-Aug-11 19:30:00

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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