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DD has embarrassing wind

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Hayls Wed 12-May-04 19:10:36

This is a bit trivial but i like to be prepared for all situations! DD is 15 weeks and suffers from what dh calls Dad Farts i.e they're really loud and don't sound baby like at all. SHe does them frequently (she has no shame) and has already embarrassed me by doing one whilst sitting in her pram in botanic gardens when a couple walked past. From the looks they gave me it was obvious that they thought it was me.

THe thing is I'm flying to Glasgow with her on my own next week and what do I do if she does it on the plane whilst someone is sitting next to me? DO I warn them in advance that she might do it? Or wait till she (inevitably) does it then say it's ok it was my baby (won't they think I'm just trying to blame her for my flatulence) or pretend it didn't happen? THe worst thing is that I still think it's quite funny (sad I know)and I don't think people will be too impressed if I start laughing after they hear what they think is me doing a bottom burp.

This sounds soo ridiculous- anybody else got a baby like this?

cuppy Wed 12-May-04 19:15:17

Hayls - what a great problem to have - it really made me smile!!
I wouldnt say anything to anyone. If she does happen to impersonate her dad while on the plane I would just laugh at her and say something like ' oh trumpet trousers ,I hope thats not going to stink!!' Im sure the other passengers will find it funny. I would anyway - farts are hilarious!( as long as they dont pong)

Hayls Wed 12-May-04 19:18:25

Cuppy, so glad I'm not the only one who finds farts funny(except dh's cos they really smell)

cuppy Wed 12-May-04 19:20:48

Yes - when dd, who's 12weeks does them, we completely crack up. Guaranteed a giggle everytime. I'm sure your fellow passengers will love her!!

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