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ITV DIGITAL - quel pain

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bettys Wed 01-May-02 22:11:59

My BuffyAngel/ER source has just been cut off and I can't make my mind up whether to go for cable or suffer withdrawal symptoms forever. Somehow I can't face getting Sky Digital, & can't put up a dish in my area anyway.

What is anyone else doing? Does anyone care? Seems like a great broadcasting opportunity (and peoples jobs) has just gone down the pan for no good reason.

If I prevaricate too long will someone tell me on the Buffy thread what happens? With spoilers notices of course!

fairy Wed 01-May-02 22:54:05

E4 is continuing for a couple more weeks as is FilmFour so I keep Friends until our lovely dish arrives, hooray!

Willow2 Wed 01-May-02 23:17:24

bettys - can't believe you are even contemplating life without Buff and stuff. Cable is ok - Sky is better. Far more choice and better value IMO. Why can't you have a dish - are you in a v posh area? Think dish still works inside loft if you have one (but you better check as I could just have imagined that bit of info!)

sis Thu 02-May-02 10:18:55

dh is going to look into cable options as I am not ready to advertise my buying into Rupert's empire with a dish outside the house

Enid Thu 02-May-02 11:36:13

Sky is great! Why can't you have a dish? we have a mini dish even though we live in a conservation area.

Buffy/Angel are drawing near to the end!! How can you contemplate missing the last few!! Go and buy that dish today!

bettys Thu 02-May-02 22:35:15

EEEEK!! It could take up to 2 weeks to get Sky installed (might be able to hide it at the back of the house). Dp made me find out as he wants his football back. If we get cable we have to take the phone line as well....'snot fair. I don't want to put more money into Rupert's pocket, I just want the last 2 episodes of Buffy, is that so much to ask?

bea Thu 02-May-02 22:42:16

poor you bettys... surely you know someone who is a sunnydale slayer like yourself who could tape the eps for you... my friend has just lost her connect same as you and i am taping the buffys and angels for her... didn't get a chance to see tonights buffy but angel was a heartbreaker... i don't how someone (albeit a vampire) can endure so much heartbreak...

failing that these web sites have episode spoilers...!! copy and paste them at your own risk!!!



bettys Thu 02-May-02 22:50:35

Hurrah! That will certainly help, thanks Bea!

SueW Fri 03-May-02 00:15:25

DD was in hospital earlier this week and part of the 'package' (NHS) is that kids get free bedside TV. Unfortunately, Patientline (?) the service provider, subscribed to ITV Digital so when we woke up on May 1 there was very little on TV, except the free-to-air.

Luckily we had HP and Chamber of Secrets, a pack of playing cards, some paper and a little knowledge of origami and we survived!

Speculation - will ntl go the same way? Last I heard (albeit some time ago) was that they were on dodgy financial ground. Perhaps they should give up having their logo on footballers' shirts?

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