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Time for myself

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BlossomPetal Tue 11-May-04 22:18:07

Just how does one find any time for oneself? Do you say 'this is my hour [5 mins!]' and ignore everyone and everything around you? Or like me do you snach a book/newspaper at the end of the day and promptly fall asleep - I should be so lucky!
Just how do you do what you want to do?

tanzie Tue 11-May-04 22:18:52

I lock myself in the loo with a book. Or do what you do!

Ixel Tue 11-May-04 22:25:49

The only time I get so far is going to the gym, which actually encourages me to exercise just as a break from ds! And can have a sauna etc after, time dependant. Its hard, as me and dh always fight for gym time (cant afford a creche/babysitter), but we seem to average twice a week now. Its half what I used to do, but better than nothing. Ans sometimes I go to bed when ds does, and read under the duvet with a torch so as not to disturb him! ( he's still in our room). Have been on the same book since I went into labour six months ago!!

MeanBean Wed 12-May-04 11:34:31

I used to find the commute to work was the only "me" time I had, and the only time I had to read a book or the newspaper.

Sonnet Wed 12-May-04 11:39:14

Reading at the end of the day and long hot baths are the "me time" That keep me going.

Also have minicure every fortnight at 7pm and DH puts DD's to bed.

Work 3 days per week and try and fit a lunchtime swim in.
Would love to join a gym but wouldn't have the "me" time to use it!!

have less "me " time than I did when I only had 1 DD - but to be honest, you get used to it!!
They grow up so quickly (DD1 is 7 now) and in a few years I'll have all the "me" time I need....

bundle Wed 12-May-04 11:45:29

totally agree with you meanbean, that half hour of the tube is obviously *hell* for many commuters, for me it's total ME time

oliveoil Wed 12-May-04 11:52:11

I read on the bus to work and back 3 days a week.

Dd goes to bed at 7pm so that is when I read the papers or whatever.

Having children means that me time is not as is was, fact of life tbh. Lukewarm cups of tea forever now but a good exchange methinks.

dinosaur Wed 12-May-04 11:53:44

ditto meanbean and bundle!

BlossomPetal Wed 12-May-04 22:13:47

Thanks all of you. Thought I was going wrong somewhere with no ME time but it seems we're all in the same boat. Must agree DD and DS are a good exchange for ME time. Actually read a magazine today while waiting in the dental surgery!

Tommy Wed 12-May-04 22:35:31

I'm having my hair cut on Monday which means I get a couple of hours to myself while Mum looks after DSs - hurrah! That's about it - a couple of hours every 8 weeks or so!

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