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Ideas for presents for a fantastic mother-in-law please

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oliveoil Tue 11-May-04 14:53:53

My mil looks after dd for 3 days when I work and I am racking my brains trying to think of new ways to show my appreciation (she refuses money).

She isn't really into smellies (ie perfume, make up etc), clothes or pampering (manicures etc) so what else can you think of?

I get her flowers occasionally and secretly pay for her haircut directly with the hairdresser but am stuck.

She is a star and I want her to know, please help, thanks!

goosey Tue 11-May-04 14:55:10

a flying lesson?

littlemissbossy Tue 11-May-04 15:09:03

could you not take her out somewhere really nice for lunch or perhaps to the theatre? i take my mum (who is great) and mil (not so great) out for a post-mothers day treat, usually theatre

sandyballs Tue 11-May-04 15:13:32

Oliveoil - my Mil also looks after my DDs 3 days a week whilst I work. She refuses any money and we find it hard to show our appreciation. We solved it by taking her and Fil on holiday for one week each year, and paying for it, obviously!
It's only a self catering week in this country but she absolutely loves it and we've all had a great time on previous trips. I don't let her do any cooking - treat them to nice meals or cook myself.

webmum Tue 11-May-04 15:39:33

agree with theatre and holidays, or a night out at a v. nice restaurant?

I took my mum out for her birthday and she loved it.

ghengis Tue 11-May-04 16:11:33

How about booking her a facial/manicure?

unicorn Tue 11-May-04 16:28:41

How about a really nice photo shoot + photo and frame of herself with kiddies...or the whole lot of you?

gold123 Tue 11-May-04 16:46:14

I think its just wonderful that you have a nice MIL - mines an old bat ! I second the theatre trip I know my mum would like that (how far away are you from London? show and a meal ?)

oxocube Tue 11-May-04 17:00:40

Is she into gardening? A gift voucher for a local garden centre might be a nice idea. Also love the idea of organising and paying for a holiday or weekend away for MIL and FIL (or for her and a friend). My own mum would appreciate a bottle of Irish whisky if thats any help

marthamoo Tue 11-May-04 17:03:45

What about a magazine subscription? That way she gets a pressie every month for a year. You can choose the magazine according to her interests (gardening, cookery, home stuff) or just get one that's an interesting read.

ghengis Tue 11-May-04 17:24:34

Great idea Marthamoo> Perhaps I'll do that for my Mum's birthday.

slug Wed 12-May-04 11:09:25

Home baking. The sluglet helps me make biscuits for her Nanny and we take them round when she looks after her.

oliveoil Wed 12-May-04 11:26:09

Some really good ideas here, thanks everyone. Think the magazine sub is a good one, and even though she *says* she is not into pampering, I reckon if I arranged something she would be over the moon.

Can't really do the holiday thing as they run their own business and dh works there so they would have to close down if we all went away.

Theatre - she did mention that she wanted to see MamaMia () but I think that is only on in London, maybe if it came to Mcr I would go (maybe...).

Will get my thinking hat on and spoil her.


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